Match your Mum’s personality to these 13 halal Mother’s Day specials (including 1-for-1 mains!)


Heralding the Month of May, how can we possibly miss out one of the most special occasions celebrating the most important women¬†in our lives – Mother’s Day! There’s a proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child so when we say thank you¬†for the dedication and toil of bringing us up, we also mean it for all¬†the women who have played the mother figure in our lives –¬†from the close¬†aunts, nurturing grandmothers and even¬†the homey neighbourhood aunties that¬†have cared for you and played an essential part in bringing you up in one way or another. So in gratitude to our¬†mothers and ¬†to the women in our lives, here is a list¬†Mother’s Day specials from the merchants at that you can use¬†to show your thanks.The list includes a mix of places to go, gifts and cake options to get and special deals to grab so make sure to scroll all the way through to get what you need!

1. For adventurous mothers, try French food at Le Bistrot De L’Olive (or Mediterranean for a more familiar cuisine)

Shrimp SaladShrimp Salad

Shrimp Salad

Set A - Lamb ShankSet A - Lamb Shank

Set A – Lamb Shank

Caramel PuddingCaramel Pudding

Caramel Pudding

In lieu of Mother’s Day, Le Bistrot De L’Olive is celebrating mothers by introducing¬†three new sets to their FRENCH menu!¬†On top of the newly introduced Mother’s Day¬†menu, there will also be a 30% discount for¬†the three new sets plus any¬†ala carte items off the MEDITERRANEAN menu from 14 May to 21 May 2017.For the FRENCH menu, the three new sets will include¬†a choice of salad – shrimp or goat cheese, one main, dessert – Caramel Puuding – and a choice of free flow beverage – soft drinks or tea/coffee. For the mains, Set A features the Lamb Shank, Set B features a Poulet Basquaise with Pilaf Rice and Set C features Wagyu Steak.

Mother’s Day Promotion:

30% off all ala carte items on the MEDITERRANEAN menu (excluding beverages) and for Set A, B or C on the FRENCH menu on the bill, provided you bring your mothers.

Promotion Period:

Valid from

14th May 2017 to 21st May 2017



Salad:¬† Shrimp Salad or Goat Cheese SaladMain:¬† Lamb ShankDessert:¬† Caramel PuddingSoft drinks or tea/coffeeNormal Price¬† $51.00Mother’s Day Promo: ¬†30% off

Set B

Salad:¬† Shrimp salad or goat Cheese saladMain: ¬†POULET BASQUAISE¬†with Pilaf RiceDesert:¬† Caramel PuddingSoft drinks or coffee/teaNormal Price¬† $45.50Mother’s Day Promo: ¬†30% off

Set C

Salad:¬† Shrimp Salad or Goat Cheese saladMain:¬† Wagyu SteakDesert:¬† Caramel PuddingSoft drinks or coffee/teaNormal Price¬† $71.00Mother’s Day Promo: ¬†30% off

Le Bistrot De L’Olive

Area: Bencoolen

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

2. For the traditional mother, get her a lemper cake from Ratu Lemper

Ratu Lemper PackageRatu Lemper Package

Ratu Lemper Package

There’s the same old, same old cake and then, there’s lemper and when it comes to lemper, you know it’ll be Ratu Lemper. Specially for mothers, Ratu Lemper has designed a package with 20 pieces of savoury¬†Ayam Pedas Lemper, 20 pieces of chewy Rendang Sapi Lemper and 20 pieces of Kaswi Kaya exclusive¬†for the mothers who enjoy traditional flavours more than contemporary cakes.On a side note, the slots for the Pink Lemper Mother’s Day cake are already filled up and Ratu Lemper has already closed orders for the cake.

Mother’s Day Special:


Lemper & Kaswi Kaya Set (Includes delivery). Whatsapp 98852678 to order.

Promotion Period:

13 & 14 May

Ratu Lemper

Area: Bugis

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

3. For the sweet tooth mother, get a Butter Studio cake instead!

On the other hand, for the ladies who love a good cake, Butter Studio has come up with a gorgeous, pastel Floral Blossom Cake for mums because cake taste better compared to a bouquet of flowers. This beautifully handcrafted rose and raspberry cake is decorated with delicate, silky floral hand-piped buttercream florals infused with raspberry.

Floral Blossom Cake for MumFloral Blossom Cake for Mum

Floral Blossom Cake for Mum

Another option is the six inch Lychee Blossom Cakeley, a petite lychee infused cake coated with silky vanilla frosting and topped with similar hand-piped buttercream blooms with a strawberry chocolate drip to set it off.

Lychee Blossom CakeletLychee Blossom Cakelet

Lychee Blossom Cakelet

Mother’s Day Special:¬†

6 inch Floral Blossom Cake – $68 and 3 inch Lychee Blossom Cakelet – $19.90. Available for pre-orders at


Butter Studio

Area: Kallang

Halal-status: Halal-certified by MUIS

4. For the mother who loves mango, pick this up from Heiraz Bakery

Heiraz has also crafted a sweet, delectable gift in the form of a Fresh Mango Strudel. The strudel is made of buttery, crispy puff pastry with alternating layers of fresh mango cream and chunks of sliced honey mangoes. Heiraz gives you a choice of single or double layered strudels with self pick up or delivery options.

Mother’s Day Special:¬†

Fresh Mango Strudel – Single Layer at $25.90 or Double Layer at $37.50. Delivery to locations in the East at $10 and $15 for other locations. Self pick-up is also available. Whatsapp 93252070 to order.


Area: Changi Road

Halal-status: Halal-certified by MUIS

 5. Will you go nuts without your mother? Send her this Bake With Love cake.

Rose Pistachio CakeRose Pistachio Cake

Rose Pistachio Cake

Fresh from a home baker’s oven, Bake With Love has whipped up a beautiful seven inch Rose Pistachio Cake made of three layers of pistachio cake with rose scented cream and raspberry compote and topped with edible rosebuds, heart shaped meringues, buttercream and pistachio bits.

Mother’s Day Special:

7 inch

Rose Pistachio Cake – $78 with 10% off for FRIENDS Cardholders

Promotion Period:

Valid from 10 to 15 May 2017

Bake With Love

Halal-status: Muslim-Owned

6. If your mum loves meat, take her to Kaw Kaw SG

Ribeye SteakRibeye Steak

Ribeye Steak

Taking a break from the possible gifts and cakes, you can also take your mothers out for a meal at Kaw Kaw Sg and get a whopping 50% off for all mains, burgers and pastas – exclusively for mothers only.It’s a time of indulgence and its valid for three mothers per table so is great across three generations of mothers from yourself (if you’re a mother) to your grandmother! Since it’s at 50%, you might want to take the time to indulge in the Ribeye Steak on their menu.

Mother’s Day Special:¬†

Mothers dine at 50% off for all mains, burgers and pastas specially for FRIENDS cardholders and 30% off for non cardholders. Valid for up to three mothers per table. (Only mothers get this discount! So bring your grandmother, grandaunt and all the necessary aunties here!)

Promotion Period:

Valid for dine in on 14 May 2017 only.

Kaw Kaw SG

Halal-status: Halal-Certified by MUIS

 7. If you need something to touch up after eating, get this bundle at Simply Sinless

Ondeh Ondeh CakeOndeh Ondeh Cake

Ondeh Ondeh Cake

Amoura Collagen-Infused Matte LipstickAmoura Collagen-Infused Matte Lipstick

Amoura Collagen-Infused Matte Lipstick

Doubling up as cake and gift, Simply Sinless has bundled the ever popular Ondeh Ondeh cake with a wudhu friendly matte lipstick from Amoura SG, just for the occasion. This exclusive package comes in a limited quantities so if its something you’d like to have to grace the occasion, make sure to put in your orders early.

Mother’s Day Special:¬†

6 inch Queen Ondeh-Ondeh Cake & Amoura Lipstick (originally worth $65) at $58. Contact 92201468 (simplysinless)/ 93885437 (Amoura_SG) to order.

Simply Sinless Creams

Halal-status: Muslim-Owned

 8. Treat your mother to bakes and brunch at VXX Co-operative

A two in one option, you can have your cake and get a place to eat it too at VXX Co-operative. In line with Mother’s Day, VXX Co-operative is hosting a special pop-up bake sale with Lydia from Teaspoons of Love – a baker well-know for her homely cakes and cookies and on top of that, they are also giving a 1-FOR-1 MAINS DEAL for all mothers on that day!All you have to do is use yourself as verification so that your mum can enjoy a main on the house, with an¬†order of any other main. The Mains menu begins from 11am so you can sit around and enjoy a lunch date this Sunday and check out Lydia’s bakes as a gift.

Mother’s Day Special:¬†

Mothers get to enjoy a 1-FOR-1 MAIN for dine-in on Mother’s Day.

Promotion Period:

Valid for dine in on 14 May 2017 only.

VXX Cooperative Area: Foch Road, along Jalan Besar

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

9. For the mother who loves to swim, swing by Citrus by the Pool & Citrus Bistro

Molten Chocolate Lava CakeMolten Chocolate Lava Cake

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

From both Citrus by the Pool and Citrus Bistro, savor a complimentary Molten Chocolate Lava Cake with every $50 spent in a single receipt. Grab a meal anytime between 8 May to 21 May 2017 to enjoy this promotion.

Mother’s Day Special:¬†

From both Citrus by the Pool and Citrus Bistro, savor a complimentary Molten Chocolate Lava Cake with every $50 spent in a single receipt. Grab a meal anytime between 8 May to

21 May 2017

to enjoy this promotion. While stocks last.

Promotion Period:

Valid for dine in from 8 May to 21 May 2017 at Citrus by the Pool and Citrus Bistro or while stocks last.

Citrus by the PoolArea: Woodlands

Halal Status: Halal-Certified by MUIS

Citrus Bistro 

Area: Anchorvale

Halal Status: Halal-Certified by MUIS

10. Your mum likes Malaysian food & live music? Relax at Verandah @ Agrobazaar

You might want to even go all out with a dinner or high tea option at Verandah at Agrobazaar which offers Malaysian cuisine right at our doorstep. Dinner will feature food from¬†the buffet and will be held on Saturday night from 6.30pm to 9.30pm whereas the high tea is available only on Sunday afternoon from 3pm to 5pm.Accompanying the celebrations, there will also be live band performances ¬†for dinner on Saturday to liven up the atmosphere and lighten up your mum’s day.

Mother’s Day Special:¬†

Enjoy a buffet dinner at $25++/pax this Saturday at 6.30pm to 9.30pm or a Hi-Tea at $15++/pax this Sunday at 3pm to 5pm. RSVP to [email protected] or contact 63919841.

Promotion Period:

Valid only for 13 May to 14 May 2017.

Verandah @ AgrobazaarArea: Arab St

Halal Status: Halal-Certified by MUIS

11. Splurge in buffet once in a while at Katong Kitchen or& Saltwater

As a tribute to all mothers, Katong Kitchen and Saltwater CafeŐĀ is presenting a buffet line of local and international spreads for this special occasion so¬†mothers can take this opportunity to feast like queens! Mothers will also be presented with a¬†bundle of F&B dining vouchers as well.

Chill & Grill at SaltwaterChill & Grill at Saltwater

Chill & Grill at Saltwater

Saltwater Chill & GrillSaltwater Chill & Grill

Saltwater Chill & Grill

The highlights to look forward to at Katong Kitchen are the¬†Sashimi station, Nonya fish curry, Wagyu beef and a selection of durian desserts – available for buffet lunch and dinner. For Saltwater Cafe, you can look forward to Seafood on ice, Baked stingray with sambal, Chilli crab crayfish and durian pengat dessert for the buffet lunch and a barbeque live station which includes a wide selection of all-you-can-eat Ribeye steak, Wagyu beef, Lamb cutlet, Scampi prawn, and Cuttlefish¬†for buffet dinner.You¬†will also get to participate in a lucky dip simply by filling up the ‚ÄúMothers are the greatest because…‚ÄĚ cards to stand a chance to win a 2D1N stay at Village Hotel Katong‚Äôs Peranakan Club (with breakfast for 2 pax and club benefits) when dining at either Katong Kitchen or Saltwater Cafe!

Mother’s Day Special:

Lunch & Dinner Buffets

Promotion Period:

Valid for dine in for 13 May to 14 May 2017.

Katong Kitchen


Lunch: $38++ per adult $19.00++ per childDinner: $58++ per adult $29++ per child


Lunch: $48++ per adult $24++ per child Dinner: $58++ per adult $29++ per child

Area: Katong

Halal Status: Halal-certified by MUIS

Saltwater Cafe

Saturday & Sunday

Lunch: $38++ per adult, $19++ per child Dinner: $45++ per adult, $22.50++ per child

Area: Changi Village

Halal Status: Halal-certified by MUIS

12. If your mum is a simple woman, bring her to Nawra Fine Food

For a simpler meal out, you can also indulge in Nasi Lemak Sotong at Nawra Fine Foods and enjoy a 10% discount with a minimum spending of $15 on Sunday. There also other items on the menu to savor so if you’re looking for good and simple food to enjoy the day, there are plenty of options here.

Nawra Fine FoodNawra Fine Food

Nawra Fine Food

Mother’s Day Special:¬†

10% off for minimum purchase of $15.

Promotion Period:

Valid for 14 May 2017 only.

Nawra Fine Food

Area: Ang Mo KioHalal Status: Muslim-Owned

13. Curry on your love for your mother with Curry Times!

Ngo HiangNgo Hiang

Ngo Hiang

Hainanese Chap ChyeHainanese Chap Chye

Hainanese Chap Chye

Banana Balls with Ice CreamBanana Balls with Ice Cream

Banana Balls with Ice Cream

In conjunction with Mother’s Day celebration, Curry Times will be giving a free mini Tingkat worth $19.90 with purchase of their Mother’s Day Set Meal!Their two special Set Menus for Mother’s Day comes in a set for 4 and a set of 6. The set for 4 includes their signature dish РAssam Fish Head or Curry Fish Head with favourite dishes such as Chicken Vegetable Soup, Ngo Hiang, Curry Prawn Fritters, Hainanese Chap Chye, and Banana Balls with Ice cream for desserts.The set for 6 includes the items listed in the set for 4 as well as Steamed Tofu with Chye Poh and Beef Brisket or Mint/ Dry Curry Chicken.

Mother’s Day Special:

Customers who dine in and purchase either the Mother’s Day set menu for 4 – $69.90++ (U.P $89.90) or set for 6¬†–¬†$89.90++ menu will get a free mini Tingkat worth $19.90 while stocks last.¬†Available at Curry Times Westgate, Novena, OneKM & Changi Airport T3 outlets only.

Promotion Period:

Valid for 1 May to

21 May 2017

or while stocks last.

Curry Times

Area: Westgate, Novena, OneKM & Changi Airport T3 outlets

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