14 Halal Pop-up Stalls to look out for at the next Food Bazaar

Bazaars are a foodie’s safe place but not all of us are that into crowds. Head over to these 14 pop-ups or plan ahead to avoid those crowds!


Always missing the good food at bazaars because the crowds wear you out before you’re done exploring? We’ve shortlisted some pop-up booths who are regulars at events for you. Plan your way and beat the crowds!Lookout for these 14 new pop ups on your next trip to a food bazaar!

1. Encik Rizal & Co

Need something quick to refuel while walking around? Head over to Encik Rizal & Co for their famous cheesy hotdog buns!

Encik Rizal and Co - Product
Encik Rizal & CoHalal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide, FRIENDS Rewards:  10% off for cardholders

2. Coolman

The first Italian Halal frozen soft-serve ice cream provider in Singapore never disappoints. They’re consistently in our personal top 3 froyo list. Visit them if you need to cool down after your bazaar rounds!Coolman Ice Cream - Twilight Feast

Rodney CoolmanHalal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards:  10% discount for FRIENDS! T&C: Valid all day any day!

3. Kucina Italian

Kucina Italian is now available at bazaars! They serve their usual lasagne, cannolo, truffle fries, al-forno (mac & cheese) and pollo fritto (fried chicken fritters) at pop-ups. Everything is made fresh and delicious!kucina Italian https://www.instagram.com/p/BliLwJxF-IX/?hl=en&taken-by=kucina_sg

Kucina ItalianHalal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards:  10% discount off total bill! 

4. O’braim Lite

When you are craving for pisang goreng but want to “feeling” western a bit, look for O’braim Lite. Tip: Their pisang keju is da bomb!

Halal_Obraim Lite_BGoreng isang cheese_Halalfoodhunt_TheGrand-Bazaar-2018_Ramadan_Singapore-752x1024

O’Braim LiteHalal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards:   $1 off with every $10 spent for FRIENDS!

5. Street Submarine

Have you heard of the Milo Kepal craze? Street Submarine is one of the few sellers in Singapore! Pair it up with some chilli beef hotdog buns and you’re good to go.

Street Submarine Singapore - Menu

Street SubmarineHalal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards:   10% off FRIENDS! Valid for purchases $20 and above.

6. Topping De Cuppies

If you’re just looking for good old takoyaki and aren’t too excited for the queue at Yummy Takoyaki’s, head over to this pop-up. They also have the family platter for you to share (or eat all by yourself, hehe)!https://www.instagram.com/p/BcSKK2xF94Y/?taken-by=toppingdecuppies.sg

Topping De CuppiesHalal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards:   10% off for second cup of takoyakis for FRIENDS!

7. Ratu Lemper

This famous brand needs no introduction but sometimes, when we’re surrounded by so many sweet treats, we need a little reminder to buy the savoury ones for our older family members at home. They’ve got newer flavours now. Check out their Instagram for their next pop up event!ratulemper-6_preview

Ratu LemperHalal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards:   10% discount off Lemper. T&C: Not Valid with any other discount.!

8. Kruhnch

Who doesn’t like munching on salted egg fish skin crackers? Get a stash for your next  Netflix party!krunhch Amerchandise

KruhnchHalal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards:   10% off for purchases above $50 for FRIENDS!

9. Hello Foodie

They’re famous for their amazing tofu pops but they also sell cake slices and other desserts! This could be the next trendy bazaar food. Get these OG bazaar treats now now now!tahu bakar - hello foodie

Hello FoodieHalal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards:   Buy Tofu Pops and Air Kathira for $5.00 (UP : $7.00) for FRIENDS!

10. Macarons SG

Here are macarons that’ll suit your local tastebuds. They’ve got Milo macarons and tropical fruit-flavoured ones. What’s more, they’ve branched into ice cream macarons to help us fellow Singaporeans beat the heatwave!Macarons and Cream from Macarons.SG

Macarons SGHalal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards:   Free 1 piece of macaron with any regular box set purchase.

11. Air Jagung Ketagih

Nothing beats their Air Jagung Ketagih! (They’re one of our favourites drinks ever.) With corn bits and white pearls, it’s similar to your favourite bubble tea but even better. The cups may look huge but don’t worry, you’ll definitely finish it on your own!Halal_Air Jagung Ketagih Singapura_AJK Ultimate_Halalfoodhunt_TheGrand-Bazaar-2018_Ramadan_SingaporeHalal_Air Jagung Ketagih Singapura_AJK Ultimate_Halalfoodhunt_TheGrand-Bazaar-2018_Ramadan_Singapore

Air Jagung KetagihHalal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards:  10% off AJK ultimate for FRIENDS!

12. Batter Halves

Their chocolate fudge brownie is a great snack to bring back home for the family and office mates!halal_batterhalves_nationaldaybites

Batter Halves Halal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards:   10% off with a minimum of $40 purchase, and free delivery for every PartyPack ordered!

13. Whimsical Not Boring

Almond milk was the craze during Ramadhan but if you’re still not over it, drop by their booth for a bottle or two. As they make it in small batches by hand, they run out really fast. https://www.instagram.com/p/BjkWY0DleQn/?taken-by=whimsicalnotboring

Whimsical Not Boring Halal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards:   10% discount on purchases of $20 and above on any online order or pop up booth.

14. Katoshka

Famous for their fresh batches of fries topped with their best selling Sour Ranch! If you are into fries, this is definitely worth queuing for at bazaars!https://www.instagram.com/p/BlFk6NSFF0K/?taken-by=thekatoshka

KatoshkaHalal status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards: 50 cents discount off fries for FRIENDS

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