27 Swiss Rolls you can order for your next Open House

We’ve shortlisted 27 local bakers who can fulfil your swiss roll dreams. Raya openhouses are serious events when you’re a pro host. Not all rolls are made the same, so choose your swiss rolls wisely. Do you prefer neat rolls, indulgent ones or less-filled ones?


At this time of raya, no one is really in the mood for kuih in bottles (except for nutella tarts and meringue maybe). Upgrade your “kuih buffet” by adding some really cool-looking swiss rolls this raya. Maybe instead of asking when your kids are going to get married, they’ll talk about the rolls instead. (By the way, we had to exclude the private accounts that were recommended to us to manage our time and resources.)

‚ėÖ – Highly recommended

  • The Most Intricate Designs: #1 – #5
  • The Most Indulgent #6 – #14
  • More Fluff: #15 – #20
  • Neatest Rolls: #21 – #27

The Most Intricate Designs

1. @cremesociety

We’re in love with the unusual inner patterns of the swiss rolls made by Creme Society. The Nutella rolls have little crunchy bits in the cream and the Red Velvet has multi-coloured cream. Great for the coffeetable!


2. @batikrolls

This crowd-pleasing swiss roll never fails to make your jaw drop with their intricate designs. This is the kind of swiss rolls people will feel guilty cutting into, let alone eat. Sis would personally order some as gifts or buah tangan for parents, in-laws or anyone you want to please in life.


3. @sweetnass_delights

They’ve got quite a variety of designs, from flower patterns to animal-looking prints.


4. @owl_lyn

Have you tried Chick Floss Roll? We haven’t! But we’re liking the look and taste of savoury rolls. More savoury flavours please, bakers!https://www.instagram.com/p/BPeUuexDQkr/?taken-by=owl_lynhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BKpmwjGDIhL/?taken-by=owl_lyn

5. @danishlittletreats

They may not be intricate but they are very colourful! We like the lighter shades because they have great contrast with the chocolate fillings.https://www.instagram.com/p/BV–IY2FVAc/?taken-by=danishlittletreatshttps://www.instagram.com/p/BZr_jxRlTCR/?taken-by=danishlittletreatshttps://www.instagram.com/p/Bd7fGKplCdQ/?taken-by=danishlittletreatshttps://www.instagram.com/p/BYzulJbgKXl/?taken-by=danishlittletreats

The Most Indulgent

6. @jannah.shah (#sadorian)

We were so glad someone recommended this to us! Avocado and durian fillings guys! Yum. We can only think about having it on a hot, sunny day…Her rolls are also very presentable. Good job!https://www.instagram.com/p/BWzzPbxA0hT/?taken-by=jannah.shahhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BX6adRFgy0z/?taken-by=jannah.shah

7. @mumssweetdelicacies

What a satisfying amount of cream filling! This is what tapak kudas are about. Swiss rolls tend to have thin layers of cream and may not satisfy some sweet toothed people.


8. @sweetmorselscakes

Have you tried blueberry or strawberry Nutella tarts? Well, get your hands on some from this sis. We like how she keeps her followers updated with her QC and development processes.


Okay, we know this has nothing to do with swiss rolls but this Quran cake looks really cool! Segan nak makan (Awkward to eat). Looks like we’re keeping our Ramadhan weight if these cakes go viral.


9. @cuppymelts

Another off-tangent baked goods, Cinnamon Buns with Nutella! They look like swiss rolls and whipping our appetite so we’re just gonna add it to this list. Hehe. (Cuppy Melts sells tapak kuda rolls too.)


10. @flavourssg

Masha Allah! This is so pretty! Reminds us of wood and nature. Haha.


Another Cinnamon-bun variation down below: Ondeh-ondeh Sticky Bun! #yum


11. @julessugarytreats

This sis uses many different chocolates in her chocolate swiss rolls/tapak kuda. We think this will appeal to the youngsters who may want a variety in their chocolate fillings.


12. @glitzbydfr

Crepes might be the next big thing for Raya season. We’re excited to see what other flavours bakers will come up with!


But don’t worry, there will always be room for tapak kudas!


13. @bakingfairy_sue

She’s got Kinder Bueno tapak kudas for sale. We like the packaging idea. Busy mothers won’t be scratching their heads figuring out which chocolate roll she’s about to cut and serve.https://www.instagram.com/p/BWjx-83BGUO/?taken-by=bakingfairy_suehttps://www.instagram.com/p/BQGJQ4mADr3/?taken-by=bakingfairy_sue

14. @spartanbakez

We think this sis has the most balanced cream to batter ratio in this list.


More Fluff

15. @bake_tella

They’ve got lots of raving reviews on their Instagram account. Some people love the feeling of biting into cushions before meeting with chocolate.

16. @charm_bakes

We think the thicker batter helps to reduce the amount of chocolate someone will normally consume. Looks like a better alternative for maintaing that Ramadhan figure.


They also have cempedak lapis! Click here to check out our list of kek lapis. *

17. @sazkit33

These are the plain and simple tapak kudas for the minimalists out there.https://www.instagram.com/p/BX4OFSjAi4a/?taken-by=sazkit33

18. @nattyscakeavenue

This sis pre-orders rolls which are adventurous in their colour combos. Best part, even the defects taste great!https://www.instagram.com/p/BkUwDM2lnEy/?taken-by=nattyscakeavenuehttps://www.instagram.com/p/BhOAJn5jFgX/?taken-by=nattyscakeavenue

19. @nurasikincookielicious

This kakak makes power swiss rolls, with lots of fillings and batter. If you’re missing the old times, good new, this is the type of rolls we grew up eating,https://www.instagram.com/p/BkOi_7LF8Zg/?taken-by=nurasikincookielicioushttps://www.instagram.com/p/Bhu4t2WFAVT/?taken-by=nurasikincookielicious

20. @bakeryn_sg

So nice of this baker. Here’s a tutorial on how to cut your tapak kudas!

Neatest Rolls

21. @elixir.lyw

They’ve got both tapak kuda AND swiss rolls. Best part, they’re oh-so-neat. We love consistent-looking rolls. #satisfying


22. @musclesandcakes

This baker has got one of the neatest-looking tapak kudas out there. The colouring is also spot-on!


23. @bakingalley

We appreciate bakers who make simple things look beautiful. Thank you Baking Alley.


24. @andivica

Her cakes and kuihs sell out quickly but you can just try your luck and DM her. If not, you can just scroll through account to see what you’re missing out on. Her photos are enough to make you salivate. So Instagram-worthy!


25. @myrusticbakez

While the others have more predictable and common designs, this neat bakes are also adventurous in terms of design. 10/10!https://www.instagram.com/p/BWT-uKaFqOi/?taken-by=myrusticbakezhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BT2sRErFmFO/?taken-by=myrusticbakez

26. @bistabylyzaishah

How did she even make her strawberry rolls look like fake rolls? TOO PERFECT. What magic is this?https://www.instagram.com/p/BYil0reAk1S/?taken-by=bistabylyzaishah

27. @breadwerks

Another simple but wonderful bakery with interesting colour combos and local flavours like durian cream!


28. @bytzby_s.j

Apart from one of the most beautiful nutella tarts, she makes one of the most neatest swiss rolls and tapak kuda ever. We love seeing her posts. It keeps us neat-freaks calm. (:


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If you have any tip offs for awesome food that we should know about, do write to us at [email protected].


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