4 Best Halal Hotdogs, Subs & Cheesesteaks in Singapore


Hotdogs; the quintessential American street food that has made its way into the hearts (and stomachs) of Singaporeans islandwide. This street treat is your classic sausage wedged inside a bread bun, often topped with chopped tomatoes, onions, pickles etc. until there’s a mountain of condiments over the whole thing. Though with every foreign fare that comes into Singapore, there will always be a twist that turns the food totally local, or in this case, totally Halal!

Here we have a list of eateries that have transformed the classic hotdog into absolute gourmet.

1. Toko Burgers & Cheesesteaks

The kind of burgers that will remind you of how hungry you are! Toko Burgers and Cheesesteaks offers up some of the more well-known street foods you can find in the USA.


Their new outlet @ Tampines Hub #B1-43 is sure to be a pull for Eastsiders! TOKO Burgers & Cheesesteaks is Muslim-owned.

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Encik Rizal

Encik Rizal is sure to bring you back to basics with their simple yet creative food combinations, such as their Mac & Cheese Hotdog. The stuff of savoury dreams, right?

Some of their eclectic Hotdog subs include the Battousai hotdog, which has giant, succulent Torpedo prawns, while the WHAM hotdog has garlic lemon sauce drizzled all over the interesting mixture of hotdog, herbs and prawns.

They usually only appear at bazaars and events, so do follow their Instagram closely to find out when their next appearance is. Encik Rizal is Muslim-owned.

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3. Street Submarine

Street Submarine is not new to the scene but still a worthy contender to be put up on this list. With a huge and ever-expanding menu, this pop-up stall surprises both old and new customers with their array of subs. From Thai Chili Chicken Sub to BBQ Pulled Beef, there’s something for even the pickiest of eaters.

We first saw them at National Museum’s 130th Anniversary celebration at our first pop up, but they’ve since had their own brick and mortar outlet at Haji Lane.

Street Submarine is Muslim-owned.

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4. El Cubanos

Bored of the usual American style sandwich? Why not have it with a Cuban twist? El Cubanos serves up some heartrending Cuban cheesesteaks that will keep your blood pumping for a long while with all those spicy sauces they add to their pulled meat!

El Cubanos is Muslim-owned and located at 1A Short Street, #01-01, Singapore 188210.

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Let us know if you come across any more hotdogs, sandwiches or subs! You can reach us via Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Message, or [email protected].


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