5 Dishes to Try at Kaw Kaw this August, including their National Day specials

Aina the owner of Kaw Kaw SG by Makan State , served us with their three dishes on their National Day specials, one mains and one dessert on their menu, which I never knew they had like their ribeye steak! 


This post is brought to you by Kaw Kaw SG by Makan State.

Stepping into Kaw Kaw SG just makes me feel like home. Every single time I step in there, I try out their pastas, or their burgers, or their mac and cheese meals.

This time, it was to try their National Day specials. This year is a special national day because it’s the last year that the current President, Tony Tan, acted as the reviewing officer for this year’s parade. Next year it will be a new President, and I’m sure all of us can’t wait for who will be the President then.

Back to topic, Aina the owner of Kaw Kaw SG by Makan State , served us with their three dishes on their National Day specials, one mains and one dessert on their menu, which I never knew they had like their ribeye steak!

1. First on the menu: Soft Shell Crab with Mantou Sliders

Singapore Kaw Kaw SG Chilli Crab Mantou Sliders Halal

This was just deliciously perfect. The soft shell crab was crispy, the mantou was sweet and crunchy, the chilli crab sauce was just the amount of sweet and spicy to satisfy my Malay tongue. I think Malays just need the sweet and spicy to be the right balance before calling anything sedap.

It’s 4 for $15 and I had it shared with three other people, but next time, I’m having this all to myself. Okay, at most with one other person. It’s so good that I even asked Aina to have it on the menu permanently. She said she’ll think about it, but soft shell crab itself is an expensive item so she has to seriously think about it. Since this dish will only be available till 31 August 2017, you all will know where to find me till then ya?

2. To accompany your chilli crab, you can have the Remember Me drink, inspired by the Singapore Sling.

Remember Me Halal Singapore Sling at Kaw Kaw SG by Makan State

This drink is super refreshing, and pink, with three cubes of pineapple on the side. It’s not a fizzy drink, and I don’t like to consume fizzy drinks with my food.  Served with a cocktail umbrella with three cubes of pineapple, the drink looks similar to what a Singapore Sling looks like. The pineapples cubes were a surprising taste, as it has this fizzy texture when you bite into it. When I asked, I found out that the cubes were soaked in tonic water.

The ‘Remember Me’ mocktail would go well with any food that Kaw Kaw SG serves, which tends to be heavy on meat and cream as it would refresh your palate.

The creator of the Remember Me drink, Hafiz Hanafiah only guessed what the drink would taste like, as he did not have any friends who had tasted the Singapore Sling, try his Remember Me drink, and for now that is the best that he can do. Of course the taste will never match the original Singapore Sling created by Raffles Hotel bartender Ngiam Tong Boon as it is primarily a gin-based cocktail. However, pineapple juice is the primary ingredient.

The ‘Remember Me’ mocktail is priced at $8.90.

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3. Finish up your so-Singaporean meal with Stylo Milo desert

Halal Singapore Kaw Kaw SG Stylo Milo

It’s Milo, on Milo, on Milo!

Milo powder, on Milo ice cream, on filo pastry, with Milo cereal sprinkled around the dish. The pastry was very crispy and flaky and crispy, and the milo ice cream complimented the flakiness. It tastes very local, and I might share this with two people maximum.  I won’t probably order this on it’s own if it does not come as a set, because it’s like prata with ice cream but costs $5.20 (before any service charges).

Luckily, the dishes above come in a set of one Chili Crab mantou, one Stylo Milo dessert, and two ‘Remember Me’ drinks, for $25 NETT. So with two people sharing this it works if you have one main each, with this set as a side. The set price is also more worth it than if you bought the above individually. You save $13 in total! (And take 10% off with the FRIENDS with Halalfoodhunt.com Card too on weekdays too!)

Now you’re probably wondering what mains to have this with.

We recommend this:

4. Ribeye Steak

Halal Singapore Grilled ribeye beef

This is 120 days grain fed steak served with sauteed butter vegetables and roasted potatoes. You can choose your level of doneness and sauce- either the brown, black pepper, or mushroom. We chose medium well. The steak was nice but what was even nicer was the accompanying sides of vegetables, mushrooms and potatoes. The butter sauce that coated them was just superb that it really enhances the taste of the steak. The steak was also really tender and had a smoky taste too. The steak is priced at $33.50. I would go back to try this again!

5. If you need another dessert after that, try their Classic Waffles with two sauces and one topping.

Kaw Kaw SG Classic Waffles

Waffles just makes your day. We had ours with Thai Milk Tea. Ice cream here is just lovely and reasonably priced at $5.90.

Kaw Kaw SG By Makan State
28 Aliwal St #01-01, Singapore 199918

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