5 New Halal Places in the CBD for Your Next Office Lunch


Working in town and finding halal food during your lunch hour can be such a trial sometimes. The closest makan options for an office lunch are usually stocked with non-halal restaurants and cafes and those that are actually halal can be dismal or far in between. How does one get fed when you work in town?For many of our office counterparts, the alternatives commonly include conquering the distance and traveling outside their office vicinities in the hunt for food or when pressed for time, to turn to delivery. Planning is a hassle and getting delivery all the time can be costly too.So to help you out, we’ve roamed about town to uncover these halal gems that you can choose to visit or sometimes, get take out from.

1. D’Italian Quay

ditalian quay lunch setditalian quay lunch set

ditalian quay lunch set

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the lunch crowd, many of us might have accidentally walked past this makan place. Squished across the busy corridor with its coffee stalls and round tables, this makan place offers a respite from the rush with its simplicity.

D’Italian Quay serves lunch sets with a main and drink combo

Assorted Pizza at DItalian QuayAssorted Pizza at DItalian Quay

Assorted Pizza at DItalian Quay

Assorted Pizza at DItalian Quay

ondehondeh cake slice-1ondehondeh cake slice-1

ondehondeh cake slice-1

Set apart from the stifling crowd by its glass doors, D’Italian Quay offers up halal Western food with a twist. It’s signature meatball spaghetti comes with chewy beef balls that are spiced with Indian spices. There is also the special Tom Yum pizzas and a creamy mash to accompany the side of chicken wings.

Ondeh Ondeh cake available for walk in purchases from Monday, 19 September 2016

Throw in their lunch sets, it is value for money and a cheaper alternative versus many other eateries in town. They will also be stocking up on this delicious, mouthwatering Ondeh-Ondeh Cake slices from Julie Bakes. These cakes will be available for that long day when you need a pick me up, want to celebrate a quick birthday for a colleague or even just for a quick sugar boost.

Address: 24 Raffles Places #01-12A, Clifford Center, Singapore 048621

Telephone: +65 90089424

Opening hours: Monday to Friday – 12noon to 5pm 

2. Eatz’ 19



Eatz’ 19 supports women from all walks of life by offering them employment

pepper chicken pastapepper chicken pasta

pepper chicken pasta

Established in 1999, the veteran Eatz’ 19 used to be located at Liang Seah Street. Eatz’ 19 emerged at a time when Western cuisine was being introduced to halal consumers locally. It’s menu was designed around Western cuisine to make up for the lack of halal options then.

Eat’z 19 offers a range of pastas with Eastern based sauces like black pepper and teriyaki sauce



The Maharaja is reminiscent of comforting local chicken soup and yet, also tastes like lobster soup overseas

With over a decade’s worth of experience in the business, the menu at Eatz’ 19 has been refined to best capture the nostalgic taste of Western food integrated with Eastern cuisine. A specialty is the Maharaja soup which combines the distinct taste of chicken soup, “kuah lemak” and yet, seems reminiscent of lobster soup as well. Eat’z 19 was even patronised by Aaron Aziz’s wife back in the day when she wished to blunt her pregnancy cravings with this warmly made soup.More than just a restaurant, Eat’z 19 prides itself for supporting women empowerment. It’s business supports women with underprivileged backgrounds and also women who are single mothers. On the side, Eat’z 19 also contributes back to society by providing lunches to old folks’ homes and orphans whenever possible. This is one restaurant driven with a purpose.

Address: No 8 Shenton Way #B1-09, AXA Tower, Singapore 068811

Telephone: +65 6222200

6Opening hours: Monday to Friday – 7.30am to 5.30pm *Delivery options available here.

3. Hungry Basterdz



A peek into the facade of Hungry Bazterdz

Serving the office populace around Clifford Center, this stylish cafe dishes up a mean sandwich and well brewed coffee. From its hefty salmon teriyaki sandwich stuffed with guacamole, a thick slab of salmon flesh and greens, all doused in teriyaki sauce to the sweet and tasty bagels, this cafe is a great place to take a breather.

salmon teriyaki sandwich at hungry bazterdzsalmon teriyaki sandwich at hungry bazterdz

salmon teriyaki sandwich at hungry bazterdz

Salmon Teriyaki Sandwich at Hungry Bazterdz

Tucked in a nook along the Arcade, Hungry Bazterdz has a chic and edgy vibe. It offers filling sandwiches for a quick meal. Perfect for busy worker bees in the area. A cold brewed coffee, packed in bottles for easy pick up is also great to keep your energy going throughout the day or when you need to last through late night meetings.

Address: 11 Collyer Quay #01-06, The Arcade, Singapore 049317

Telephone: +65 6816 3213

Opening hours: Monday to Friday – 7am to 6pm, Saturday – 8am to 3pm

4. Simply Sinless

Bandung Cupcakes Halal, Low-Sugar, Low- Fat at Simply Sinless, Shenton WayBandung Cupcakes Halal, Low-Sugar, Low- Fat at Simply Sinless, Shenton Way

Bandung Cupcakes Halal, Low-Sugar, Low- Fat at Simply Sinless, Shenton Way

Sweet things are usually not made of these. Low-fat, and low in sugar, Simply Sinless’s bakes are created with the sedentary lifestyle of typical office workers in mind. All those calories in and not many burnt out are seriously not good for us in terms of health! But with their cupcakes and cakes (especially those in tubs for easy storage) you can bite into a subtle dessert when that craving hits!

Address: 79 Shenton Way

Telephone: +65 92201468.

Opening hours: Thursday to Friday 12pm- 8.30pm

They do orders and pickups too.

5. Lau Pa Sat, Chicken Rice Stall (No. 111)

Lau Pa Sat (Chinese: 老巴刹), also known as Telok Ayer Market is a historic building located within the Downtown Core in the Central Area of Singapore. All the elements in this chicken rice are so so on point.


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