5 dishes to look out for at this halal Chinese Peranakan buffet in the East- Katong Kitchen


The most famous halal buffets are located at town, but these days, the city centre of the world’s third most populous country just seems too crowded. Coupled with the most efficient public transport system in the world (and with Uber & Grab so easily available), it’s easier to seek peaceful pastures elsewhere, and that’s how we came across Katong Kitchen- a halal Chinese Peranakan buffet situated at the sleepy yet ever hip town of Katong.Since its opening in 2013, Halal-certified Katong Kitchen has been delighting guests with its extensive line of buffet cuisine featuring Nonya, Asian, Singaporean-Chinese and s Western favourites. Housed at the flagship Village hotel – Village Hotel Katong, savour tantalizing dishes like Ayam Buak Keluak, Ayam Pangang and Durian Pengat, signatures that are bound to satisfy even the most discerning palates.Their decor, is noticeably Peranakan, which reflects the Peranakan culture of Katong. The restaurant revels in a nostalgic setting with its wooden flooring, tables and chairs, which makes this place really cosy. Perfect for gatherings with family, co-workers and friends. Wide spread, check! Good decor, check! This place is approved for dining in big groups.

1. Start with cold seafood selections

Cold selections at Katong Kitchen halal buffet in SingaporeCold selections at Katong Kitchen halal buffet in Singapore

Cold selections at Katong Kitchen halal buffet in Singapore

 Start off with the cold seafood selections. Devour crabs, mussels, prawns or scallops for their sweet, plump meat. Or, slurp a few oysters to start the meal on the right note, available during dinners on the weekends. Prefer Japanese food? Katong Kitchen has it here too! Diners can also enjoy from the delectable sashimi and sushi offerings at the Japanese Cuisine station. Watch chefs perform their magic behind the ‘live’ station, as they fire up the grill to serve up mouthwatering grilled meats and seafood.

Don’t leave before you try their signature Peranakan food

Although there is a wide spread in the buffet, you have to try some of these signatures.

Buffet SpreadBuffet Spread

Buffet Spread

2.  Ayam Buah Keluak



This distinctive Peranakan dish combines thick, tangy gravy with delightful tender, flavourful chicken and Buah Keluak, a fruit that is often referred to as the Asian equivalent of black truffles. You can read all about what we found on buah keluak here. Did you know that the buah keluak (Pangium edule) tree is indigenous to Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore!

3. The Ayam Panggang, or Roast Chicken

ayam panggang katong kitchen halal buffetayam panggang katong kitchen halal buffet

ayam panggang katong kitchen halal buffet

These chicken pieces that have been marinated with blue ginger, lemongrass and other assorted spices. Savour the fragrant, succulent chicken in every mouthful! If you are a spice fan, you will really love the Sambal Belacan which is made in-house and served in a stone mortar and pestle bowl. Accompany your mains with it for that extra kick! Other popular dishes include the Whole Seabass with Calamansi Sambal and the White Pepper Crayfish.

4. Do-it-Yourself Rojak & Kueh Pie Tee

Kueh Pie TeeKueh Pie Tee

Kueh Pie Tee

Diners can also make their own Rojak and Kueh Pie Tee at the ‘Do It Yourself’ stations. Taste the sweet-savoury mix of sliced cucumber, fried dough fritters, beancurd and roasted peanuts. Relish in the Kueh Pie Tee, a thin, crispy pastry tart shell filled with sliced vegetables and prawns. This is our favourite.

5. Durian Pengat is a MUST TRY!

Durian Pengat at Katong Kitchen halal buffet singapore halalfoodhunt halal food huntDurian Pengat at Katong Kitchen halal buffet singapore halalfoodhunt halal food hunt

Durian Pengat at Katong Kitchen halal buffet singapore halalfoodhunt halal food hunt

The Durian Pengat aims to steal the hearts of all durian fans. Served in a shot glass, it is filled with creamy, luscious durian puree prepared daily with fresh durian meat.Also, look out for the Cempedak CrÚme Brulee, which often makes an appearance during special occasion and festivities. This unique dessert will satisfy all sweet tooths with its caramelized layer, smooth custard base that is peppered with Cempedak fruit bits.Besides the signature desserts, diners can also indulge in the wide array of western and local desserts at the buffet line. Choose between Ang Ku Kueh, green bean paste encased in a soft glutinous rice flour skin, or western cakes and tarts. But their durian pengat is  a definite must try!

Their prices are quite affordable too!

Buffet lunch(Monday to Saturday) is at $38 per adult and $19 per child (6 to 12 years old).Buffet Brunch(Sunday) is at $48 per adult and $24 per child (6 to 12 years old).For buffet dinners from Mondays – Thursdays, it is priced at $48 per adult, and $24 per child. For buffet dinners from Fridays to Sundays and Public Holidays, it is priced at $58 per adult and $29 for per child. Prices are subjected to GST and service charge.___Katong Kitchen is  verified MUIS halal-certified and listed on halalfoodhunt.com. Head on to halalfoodhunt.com to discover and verify halal food, reserve seats at restaurants, or order delivery from food places and online e-commerce.


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