8 Things A Halal Foodie Worries About when Choosing a Venue for their Wedding

As a halal foodie like most of our readers are are, we tend to have a few more extra considerations beyond just the food and how pretty the venue is.

As a halal foodie like most of our readers are are, we tend to have a few more extra considerations beyond just the food and how pretty the venue is.Let’s walk through the concerns that you might have and see if you agree with us here.  In this article, we’ll be looking at the venues that Muslim Delights has:1. Muslim Delights at Concorde Hotel Shopping Mall2. Bliss Garden at “The Grassroots Club”3. FAVE on Orchard

This article is brought to you by Muslim Delights. 

 We’re going to count-down to the ultimate number one concern that halal foodies will have when choosing a venue to have their wedding – the food!

8. Does my huge family who will be there the whole day have a place to hang out at?


Your parents’ siblings (i.e. your uncle and aunts), and their children (i.e. your cousins), all need space to lepak, or hang out at because they’ll be there the whole day. Look for venues with reception tables for family and more importantly, family rooms for the more senior members to take a break at, for that uncle who drove down from Selangor to nap at.Muslim Delights venues at Concorde Hotel has a super huge family room with sofa beds too. Just check it out!They also have dedicated spaces for your parents to receive your guests and pass them the goodie bag, or berkat, when they leave. 

7. Is the bridal changing room spacious and pretty enough for me?


The bridal rooms are where you’ll spend the time to take a pause between a change of outfits and just take a breather from the crowd and overwhelming excitement of the day. There will be a lot of people going in and out specifically your curious younger relatives, the photographers and many more aunties, so the room has to be big enough.Your photographer will also be shooting you while you get ready for your wedding so the ambient lighting needs to be sufficient which you can see at the bridal rooms of the Muslim Delights’ venues – FAVE at Orchard and Concorde Hotel Shopping Mall.Look, this bridal changing room even has its own washroom!


6. Do my guests have a place to pray at?


The leceh (i.e. big hassle) thing about having a venue outside of residential areas is that you’d need a space for your family members to pray at. Ablution areas or places to take wudhu are definite plus points.The wedding venue at Concorde Hotel, and Fave at Orchard has them, along with prayer gear and separate spaces for the men and ladies. Fave at Orchard even has separate rooms and all of it in an air-conditioned venue.They even have dedicated ablution areas built in the venue which is really impressive!



5. Will my guests be able to see what’s happening at the pelamin (bridal dais)?As a guest attending weddings, I really hate it when I can’t see the bride and groom when they enter the venue because they are too swarmed with relatives or the silat people. The worst is when my table is just behind a pillar. You’ve already put in the effort to make-up your face, iron your clothes, and generally get out of your house so you’d want to see the bride and groom right? Don’t you feel the frustration.There’s two things that I realised about this venue that I took note of and give it kudos for. There are four 50-inch LED TVs for live streaming hung throughout the venue which is just awesome. As a guest, I can enjoy the food and see what’s happening without having to move places.

4. Will all my guests be able to go up to the stage?


Some of the pelamin, or the bridal dais, are located on a stage, which means – steps. Some of our guests might be moving around in wheelchair or using walking sticks and these stages are not accessible for them which means, they can’t take photos with the bride and groom!To overcome this, look out for stages which have ramps. Most community centres’ stages won’t have this and you might need to place an extra order to decoration companies to ask them to build a ramp. Which is why we were really mighty impressed that this venue at Concorde Hotel has them! halalfoodhunt_MuslimWeddingDelights-1.png

3. Will the food that the venue provide be halal?

This is an important thing to for halal foodies when choosing a unique place to get married at. Today there are numerous interesting places I’ve attended as a guest – from One Rochester Park, to Fullerton Hotel but I do wonder how much of a hassle they went through to get halal food catered in to the venue.With so much going on when you’re trying to organise a wedding, me thinks that there will be some couples who will appreciate the convenience of a venue and caterer under one roof with the added assurance that the caterer has a Halal-Certification, or is Muslim-owned.


2. Even if the food comes with the venue, will I be able to choose the food that I want?MuslimDelights_BuffetOrchardConcordeHotel.png

There is a wide variety to choose from and they’re quite flexible with their choices as well.Check out their menu and prices for the three venues in the following links:FAVE on Orchard here.Concorde Hotel Shopping Mall at Orchard here.The Grassroots Club at Ang Mo Kio here.

1. Will the venue’s decoration be nice?MuslimDelightsVenueDecorConcordeHotel.pngMuslimDelightsPelaminBridalFaveOrchard.pngMuslimDelights_GrassrootsClubDecor.pngMuslimDelights_GrassrootsClubDecor2.png

I’ve been to Muslim Delights’ Concorde Hotel venue and their venue at The Grassroots Club for weddings before. The decor was quite modern and they used Tiffany Chairs which made the venue look really classy! Choose from having a minimal decor with just baby’s breath, or modern dramatic deco!It’s also a bonus that the venue is air-conditioned throughout and there’s ample parking spaces as well for all your friends and relatives too.Are there any other things you look out for in the venue that will give you peace of mind while you’re up there on the bridal dais? Let us know!


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