Nominees for Best Rojak: Halal Awards 2020!

With so many great Indian rojak stalls around, who will emerge as the cream of the crop and earn the spot as the stall with the “Best Rojak”? Read on to find out more about the stalls who are participating in this battle royale and vote for the one that deserves to win the “Best Rojak” award!

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If you ask me to name the best savoury snack in Singapore, I would immediately point to ‘Indian Rojak’ – a uniquely Singaporean dish. Our sources say that this dish was created and originated in Singapore, since there are no traces of it in other parts of South Asia.

There are many ethnic variations of rojak in Singapore, but your eyes will surely be drawn to the bright orange rojak sauce and the plethora of fried fritters 😋 Rojak, which also translates to ‘a mix of everything’ or ‘mish-mash’, is as the name suggests. You can choose from an assortment of flour fritters and finger foods such as fried flour eggs, prawn fritters, and cow’s lungs to be dipped into the stall’s signature rojak sauce.

With so many great Indian rojak stalls around, who will emerge as the cream of the crop and earn the Best Rojak title this year? Read on to find out more about the stalls who are participating in this battle royale! The winner has not been decided, so go ahead and vote for them in Halalfoodhunt App! 🏆


First established in 1989, Habib’s Rojak has become part of Singapore’s heritage with regular customers vying for their tasty dish for more than 30 years! You will find a snaking queue for this rojak at Ayer Rajah Food Centre at almost all times of the day! That’s how good their rojak is!

The stall was named after the current owner of the stall, Habib, by his father. Habib then took over the family business around 10 years ago. They pride themselves over procuring only the premium ingredients and making the rojak by hand daily.

One unique thing about Habib’s Rojak? – The Rojak sauce is SPICY!


The five delicacies you absolutely HAVE to add to your rojak dish would be their egg flour (Tepong Telor), crispy prawn fritter, coconut fritter (Tepong Kelapa), fish fillet and the paru (cow’s lungs)! For all of their flour fritters, you can expect a very crispy batter and soft interior 😋 You will be surprised to know that an egg flour requires some serious skill to make! You have to make sure that you fry the batter with the egg in the centre at all time. This honestly gave me a newfound appreciation for these dishes.

Habib Rojak’s extraordinary chilli gravy stole the spotlight with its slightly sweet flavour and finely chopped peanuts that balanced the tangy taste. For the most delightful, sinful treat, dip every item into this sweet sauce for that super shiok taste! 🤤

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📌 Blk 503 West Coast Drive #01-68, Ayer Rajah Hawker Centre, Singapore 120503| Dine In |
🧕 Muslim Owned


One of the best Indian rojak in the North is arguably the Ministry of Rojak located in Northpoint City. As a family-owned business, Abdhus Salam is the second-generation owner of Ministry of Rojak and they have expanded into several outlets throughout Singapore. On display, you will find a large variety of rojak pieces including the usual suspects of fried flour fritters, tofu, fish and more. We recommend getting the coconut fritters, vadai, crispy prawn fritters and fish fillet! They make the coconut fritters from freshly grated coconut every single day, giving you that authentic coconut taste with every bite! The vadai has been fried in an evenly spiced batter, so it really packs a punch especially when paired with the gravy! 🤯

Ministry of Rojak’s signature sauce is spicier than most rojak stalls and the texture is just right with its soft nuttiness from the finely diced peanuts. Dipping the fried delicacies into the sauce gives off such an enjoyable spicy heat. Here at Ministry of Rojak, you know you are getting the best of the best with its premium ingredients, skilfully fried fritters, and its spicy-sweet sauce!


🤗 Ministry of Rojak offers 10% off all day any day for FRIENDS!
📌 Northpoint City, North Wing, #B2-02/08, Singapore 769098| Dine In |
🧕 Muslim Owned


Everyone’s favourite rojak spot in the East has to be Al-Mahboob Rojak located at NTUC Income Tampines Junction. Al Mahboob Rojak is a casual dining restaurant where family and friends can enjoy a variety of Indian cuisine in a relaxed setting. They are known for preparing one of the best rojak ingredients around, with more than 30 delicacies to choose from. Their big prawns with flour are delightfully crackly, with the whole prawn covered in crunchy, fried batter. When dipped into their vibrant peanut sauce, you can really taste the sinful, umami flavours with every crunchy bite 😋

Try their other classic ingredients as well such as the flour with potato with its soft, bready texture, flour with egg, their fragrant coconut fritters, chicken sausage and fish fillet. Made from more than 10 ingredients, Al-Mahboob’s peanut gravy is to die for with its tangy flavour with a hint of spiciness. Who says you only need one bowl of gravy? Get more if you run out! After all, you have to drench every fried fritter into this sinful sauce for the best rojak experience.

(Credits to:

(Credits to:

📌 300 Tampines Ave 5 #01-02, Singapore 529653| Dine In |
🧕 Muslim Owned

4. SRISUN EXPRESS (Outlets across the island!)

Srisun Express has become such a common household name when it comes to Indian Food! Open for 24 hours, this eatery is a popular hangout spot for families and night owls who are looking to ‘lepak’ and hit up their favourite supper joint with their friends. At Srisun Express, you will find a variety of cuisines including Indian, Malaysian, Western and other local favourites. They offer over 50 savoury and dessert prata flavours, naan, gorengs and many more!

Let’s not forget about their rojak offerings! Every rojak ingredient is lightly seasoned with spice and has been fried skilfully till the fritters are pleasantly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Dip these delightfully crispy finger foods into their savoury peanut sauce and let out a satisfying sigh. Rojak for supper? Srisun Express is here for you 🍽️ What’s more, you can accompany your meal with the massive drink towers that can hold up to 3 litres of your drink of choice such as milo or bandung!

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🤗 Srisun Express offers 10% off total bill for FRIENDS!
📌 Ang Mo Kio/ Tampines/ Serangoon Gardens/Bukit Batok|
🧕 Halal Certified

5. ROJAK MASTER (islandwide-delivery!)

If you are guilty about feasting on such a sinful snack, Rojak Master has got your back! They pride themselves for their healthy and fresh rojak sauce that has no MSG or preservatives added in! It’s also no surprise that many customers have been raving about their rojak sauce. You can really taste the nuttiness in their signature thick gravy that has a spicy kick to it. This is the perfect rojak sauce to dip the fritters into!

Their fritters are also made fresh daily and are not refried. This makes it a healthier treat for you! Their rojak platter includes freshly fried coconut fritters, shrimp and ikan bilis fritters, fresh prawn fritters, boiled egg fritters, fish fillet, tempeh and more! Opt for their Rojak Platter A ($12) for 2-3 pax or upsize to Rojak Platter B ($25) if you want to share this rojak goodness with a larger group of friends and family!

Credits to:

Credits to:

📌 Home Based Business|
🧕 Muslim Owned
🛵 Island-wide Delivery: delivery fee of $10

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