Cajun on Wheels Review: Ramadan special white pepper sauce #ravingreviews


Address: Plaza Singapura #03-92 Singapore 238839
Halal Verification: Halal Certified

I really, genuinely like Cajun on Wheels (IG: @cajunonwheels_sg). It’s always a #ravingreviews experience that makes me excited and happy to dine. And they have a Ramadan special white pepper sauce that I got to try out and wow! I think this one is such a hit! ❤️

1) White pepper bucket
2) Clam chowder
3) BBQ chicken wings
4) Charcoal grilled giant squid
5) Cajun rice pilaf

When the bucket arrived, I took a whiff of the aroma from the sauce and immediately what came to mind was ‘clam chowder soup’. I can smell the white pepper, the creaminess, and the light flavours.

The seafood is modestly and evenly coated with the sauce. So if you really want to taste the sauce you gotta lick it off the seafood haha! It’s creamy and light, very much like clam chowder soup and it’s not spicy unless you bite into the white peppercorn. If you do bite one, you get the #ravingreviews experience which I love! The flavour is Ramadan-friendly. After fasting the whole day, I think this sauce is great for iftar because it’s not too creamy and the flavour is just right, and it’s light enough on the stomach for a fasting person. I like it!

The rice pilaf is flavourful and savoury, with something fruit-like in it that makes it a little sweet. It’s soft and moist. I love! This rice would go well with any sauce, particularly I think the black pepper one.

The charcoal grilled sotong is served in a kicap manis sauce, which is more sweet than spicy. Just 1 out of 5 on the spice rating. They have a spicy version if that’s what you prefer.

DO NOT MISS THE CHICKEN WINGS #ravingreviews. DON’T! This one is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, slightly sweet. served with sambal belacan if you want extra spice but i don’t think it’s necessary. I never forget the chicken wings and it’s always so good. The clam chowder is light, not as creamy as the usual chowder I’m used to that’s thick and full of chunky fillings that include potatoes.

Come here for a wholesome and satisfying iftar ok!


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