Citrus by the Pool Might Just be the Treat After Your Swim!



When I first got the invite to Citrus by the pool, I thought I’d brought my husband, M, with me since it was so close to his home. And when I arrived, I was glad that my choice of partner to this location was my special someone because the ambience was just so¬†romantic! Just take a look!

Citrus by the Pool @ 2 Woodlands Street 12 Singapore 738600


Of course, before I came, I did a little background research among my friends just to find out what I would expect from Citrus by the Pool. And if you’ve been there, you would know that the very friendly guy greeting and serving you would be none other than Yisheng! After getting us nicely settled at our seats, and getting our orders, I had a bit of time to take a walk around the the restaurant, only to notice that the restaurant was meticulously decorated! Every single piece added a character to the restaurant, and I absolutely loved it!¬†Our meal started off with the mushroom soup. Off the bat, this bowl of soup tasted so home-made, and I could even taste the tiny bits of mushrooms in the soup. I love the fact that almost all restaurants and cafes in Singapore have stepped up their game with home made soups, rather than serving those from the can. The one from citrus by the pool, is definitely one to go for!The next dish was a tricky dish which I honestly didn’t expect to turn out so well, because the last time I tried an asian fusion pasta dish turned out so salty because of the double whammy of salt from the pasta and the sauce. So trust me when I say this plate of goodness at Citrus by the Pool is something worth your trip up north! Hats off the chefs that created this dish with its perfect balance of taste and texture!

Tom Yum Seafood Pasta


When you first dig into this dish, you will notice that the texture of sauce is alot like laksa – but the taste is absolutely different. Being a spice buff that I am, this dish just had enough going in it for me to chow down and dream about it after. The taste of spicy and sour tomyum in the right thicknesss of creamy sauce is one dish that is highly recommended by me!The next dish was¬†M’s favourite.I say, when in doubt, serve my husband chicken. He eats all types of chicken dishes that you could can think of on a daily basis, and not get sick of it. So when he got this dish, he was pretty much lost for words. Let me describe this chicken for you.The first thing you would notice about this dish is how cripy the skin looks, and when you bite into it, you would hear the crunchiness of the skin. Soft, tender and juicy meat will then greet you and you bite down even deeper. The chicken is served with their signature brown sauce – a sauce which I cant exactly put my finger on to describe. It isn’t sweet, it has abit of citrus-y refreshing taste which isn’t normally a characteristic of brown sauce. So if you ever find yourself at Citrus by the pool – give their Signature Chicken a try!

Citrus Cajun Lamb Rack


We had the pleasure of trying out the Citrus Cajun Lamb Rack¬†before it even hit the menu! And when we did, we wondered why it was not on the menu sooner! You see, neither M nor I are big on steak, lamb or any red meat, so it was quite a risk for us to review this dish. I, in particular, was nervous.However, when this dish arrived, the only thought that came to my mind was – I have never seen a more perfectly arranged lamb¬†racks! I mean, who cares how it tastes if its so pretty, right?…… Not.I loved the how the taste of sauce played with the tastes of the mushroom and fresh fruits on the brown sauce. I was picking on all the colours around the dish before I dug into the the rack itself, finding¬†it perfectly tender.¬†Everything on the plate was perfectly complementing each other – with the brown sauce, mashed potatoes, and fresh veggies – the kind of dish that you wont stop eating until you are actually completely full, you can’t even move.I believe that the restaurant won’t add new items on the menu, unless the item tops the existing dishes that are already on the menu, so call on your adventurous taste buds and pick the new kid on the block!

Chocolate Lava Cake

Our night at Citrus by the pool rounded up with this little beauty.Before we tasted the sweetness that was the lava cake, what caught my eye was how cleverly they presented it with the huge plate – that could be suited to celebrate any occasion. I was pleasantly surprised to find my name on a plate at a restaurant – definitely something that hasn’t happened before!They say pictures speak a thousand words – so look and the pictures and salivate! The pictures don’t lie. The cake was soft and moist and just had enough chocolate to have you licking off the plate. Don’t believe me? Just look at M here!¬†How gentlemanly of him to finish a plate that had my name on it!All the great food reviews of the food should be enough reason for you to visit the pool, but if that’s not enough, you’ll soon realise that your pocket would also be receiving a friendly helping hand. Citrus by the pool doesn’t charge any service charge nor GST, which I’m sure is the icing on the cake for the boys who want to impress the special girls in their lives.Just one more thing that I’d like to highlight before I end this post. The team at Citrus by the pool manages the kitchen with no fire – talk to Yisheng to find out more! Since they prepare all their delicious dishes on hot plates and induction cookers, the time to carefully prepare your dishes may time a wee bit longer. Despite that, they ensure that¬†everyone on the same table get served at the same time – making your dining time bonding time.If you’d like, you could visit them on their not-s0-busy days on the non-lunch hours on weekdays, or the week nights.¬†However, if you find yourself greeted by the restaurant when it is full, and there’s a queue, fret not, there’s a pretty selfie corner at the front of the restaurant for you to have some fun with while waiting. Or, like me, you could have a walk around the restaurant to look at those tiny little decorations that make the place that bit more special.¬†Thank you Citrus by the pool! I’ll be back! <3¬†****Instagram Competition*****

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