Feasting at Twilight this weekend just got better with more than 28 Merchants Accepting the FRIENDS Pass!

This weekend, Twilight returns with a fresh new story for us to follow. The heroes are armed, and the villian…. seems to always be eating. So guess which team we’re on? We’ll be chowing our way through all 50 food booths, but of course, the best ones are the ones who are friends with us! And they’re all listed below!

This weekend, Twilight returns with a fresh new story for us to follow. The heroes are armed, and the villian…. seems to always be eating.

So guess which team we’re on?

We’ll be chowing our way through all 50 food booths, but of course, the best ones are the ones who are friends with us! And they’re all listed below!



All things Saucy will be launching their fusion mac & cheese this Twilight! They’ve got some interesting flavours that you’ll find familiar in store for you such as Satay Mac & Cheese and Lobster and Chilli Crab Mac & Cheese! FRIENDS pass subscribers get $1 off with every 2 bowls purchased. 


Spice up your pasta with the Lemak Cili Padi Sauce and their ultimate signature, Portuguese Sauce! Their menu includes squid, chicken, prawns and salmon! FRIENDS pass subscribers get to enjoy a Buy 2 get 1 free deal at Arozz Portugese! Deals not applicable to Salmon  Pasta. 

3. BEEF BROS | Booth: X15

The Beefs Bros are getting in on the Mala and Mentaiko train! How about you? Their Beef Cubes topped with these savoury flavours are a must-try this coming Twilight! FRIENDS pass subscribers receive 10% off for Mentaiko Beef Cubes & Mala Beef Cubes!


4. CHARKOI | Booth: Y25

A sweet take on an old favourite! Topped with nutella, oreo, cornflakes and many more… It’s sure to bring sweet goodness to your taste buds! FRIENDS pass subscribers receive a FREE DRINK (Honey Buih Thai Iced Tea) with a minimum purchase of 2 sets of $10!

5. CHICAS | Booth: Y6

Bringing fusion Mexican flavours to Twilight, these Chicas got you covered for your taco and mocktail cravings! They’re adding local flavours like Sambal Belacan into your tacos! FRIENDS pass subscribers get to enjoy a set of 1 drink and 1 taco at $10!  

6. CRISPY KRIKS | Booth: Y14

I can already hear the crispiness of that first bite of their wontons! They’re also introducing Cucur this Twilight, a delicacy that’s sure to remind you of some local flavours. You’ll have to head to Twilight to find out! FRIENDS pass subscribers get $2 off their total bill with every purchase of 1 set of wonton lobster and 1 set of cucur lobster!


7. DA BOOMZ | Booth: X14

DA BOOMZ is on point bringing an explosion of flavours with their apam and balls! Durian lovers are in for a treat with their Durian King filled with durian paste! The experience is the bomb! FRIENDS pass subscribers receive 10% off their total bill with a minimum purchase of $10!


This booth needs no further introduction. Their name says it all cause their deng deng power! FRIENDS pass subscribers receive 10% off with a minimum purchase of $15!


DO-NUT miss out the chance to get your hands on these sweet and savoury donuts, with an amazing blend of baked delights and traditional flavours! Drop by Dulce Candy Bakes for treats such as Ondeh-ondeh donuts or even, Donut Sambal Udang! FRIENDS Pass holders get $1 off with a minimum purchase of 1 box!

10. FUN FRUITS | Booth: X26

You can’t have fun if you’re feeling thirsty! Quench your thirst with some Mango Shake at Fun Fruits! FRIENDS pass subscribers receive 10% off with minimum purchase of 2 cups!

11. GOMGOM | Booth: X25

If you’re looking for sweet ice blended shakes, look no further! GOMGOM’s ready to serve you with their assorted shakes. FRIENDS pass subscribers get to enjoy 2 Ice Blended Shakes from GOMGOM for only $9!

12. JP KITCHEN | Booth: X1

Bringing Japanese delicacies to Twilight, JP Kitchen will delight you with their menu of Takoyaki, Yakitori, Oden and more! Show your FRIENDS pass to get 10% off! 


13. KRUMBZ N KRAVES | Booth: X3

Satisfy your cravings for sotong and chicken and be prepared to lick the crumbs off your fingers here at Krumbz n Kraves! FRIENDS pass subscribers get a free mocktail with every purchase of 3 chicken or 3 squid! 


Goreng pisang with toppings galore! Crunch on these freshly made treats by Krunchy Fritters! FRIENDS pass subscribers receive $1 off for every $12 spent!

15. LYNN’S CAKES | Booth: Y20

Cakes are always the go-to for special occasions! Make your visit to Twilight special with Lynn’s Cakes’ cake slices! FRIENDS pass subscribers receive 10% off total bill with minimum purchase of $20!


16. MACARONS SG | Booth: Y19

Each coloured and flavoured macaron is filled with a sweet centre waiting to be enjoyed! FRIENDS pass subscribers receive a free macaron with every box purchased! Not inclusive of promotional items.

17. MAD ABOUT CAKE | Booth: X23

If you’re mad about cake, then you should visit Mad About Cake! Treat yourself to their cakes and cookies. With their sweet flavours, you’ll be coming back for more! FRIENDS pass subscribers get $5 off the signature cookie bundle!


You won’t be feeling thirsty at all this Twilight cause Musang Berjanggot’s bringing a wide range of drinks for you! FRIENDS pass subscribers can enjoy 3 drinks for $10! Only applicable for $4 drinks!


19. MEAT MY MEAT | Booth: Y12

Get your friends and family to meet at the Meat My Meat booth! While you’re there, try out their well loved Philly Cheesesteaks and order some fries to go along with it! FRIENDS pass subscribers receive FREE $2 fries for every $15 spent!

20. O’BRAIM | Booth: Y10

Have you tried all the combos O’braim has to offer? Head down to O’braim for your goreng pisang and donut fix with all their delectable toppings! FRIENDS pass subscribers receive $1 off with every $10 spent!

21. PERGHH | Booth: Y15

Corn dogs and carnival food! Sounds like the perfect addition for Twilight: Game On! FRIENDS pass subscribers get a FREE assorted bottle drink with minimum purchase of $20!


22. SATAY GO | Booth: Y22

Every serving comes with sumptuous meat topped with peanut sauce, along with a classic side of veg! If that sounds irresistible, go get your satay at SatayGO! FRIENDS pass subscribers receive 50 cents off each bowl! 

23. SATAY UMMI | Booth: Y17

We say more satay is always welcome! Satay Ummi will be serving up satay goreng in a box! Who else can’t wait to dip satay in some yummy peanut sauce? FRIENDS pass subscribers receive $1 off with a minimum purchase of 2 boxes of Satay Goreng!

24. THE FAB FIVE | Booth: Y13

Coming to Twilight for the movies? Why not indulge in some nachos from The Fab Five! They’ve got combo meals and mac & cheese too! FRIENDS pass subscribers gets $1 off with every purchase! Not valid for combo meals.


25. SOFNADE | Booth: X2 & Y2

If food portions are your worry, Sofnade has the solution! Serving scrumptious food and drinks in a bucket, one bucket never seems enough! FRIENDS pass subscribers gets a FREE drink with every $20 purchase!

26. TURON | Booth: X21

Keep a look out for Turon if you’re looking to try out some filipino street snacks! That’s right, bananas and jackfruits wrapped in popiah skin! Jom turon to Turon! FRIENDS pass subscribers get mini turons with every purchase of SWEET ‘D’ (Durian Combo)!


27. THE MEAT GUYS | Booth: Y24

They’re new to Twilight but they’re coming in hot with bold flavours of grilled meat! FRIENDS pass subscribers receive 20% off with minimum purchase of $20

28. YOSSAKUL | Booth: X17

If you’re missing the Thai flavours from your last trip to Thailand, relive those memories with Yossakul! They’re ready to serve you the familiar flavours of chicken green curry, black pepper beef and chicken basil! FRIENDS pass subscribers enjoy $1 off rice dish and beverage set!

This list will be updated when we have updates from other merchants who wish to also accept the FRIENDS Pass.

Along with the great food, there will be movie screenings, local acts and performances and GAMES for you! Bring your FRIENDS Pass when you head down to Twilight, and we’ll see you this weekend!


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