Food Review: This handmade Pannenkoek Nachos at Beyond Pancakes is a MUST TRY & other American, Dutch & Western food



Beyond Pancakes has a story to tell beyond its delicious European fare. Founded and run by Tiru, this chef has worked in fine dining restaurants for nine years serving Western cuisine. Tiru decided to start his own restaurant creating the most exotic-sounding Western food for a Muslim audience.

Have you heard of Galettes before? No, it’s not a shaving product, it’s a type of savoury pancake served in France and now here in Marina Square! Zie was able to try some of the food on the menu, which were a fusion of styles, ingredients and flavours inspired by a myriad of different dishes found across Europe.

1. Pannenkoek Nachos Set = Dutch Pancake Nachos Set


Serving size: Perfect for 3-4 people

Topped with a perfect sunny-side up egg(or otherwise known as ‘telur mata lembu’) chopped olives, avocado, yellow capsicum and spring onions, the Pannenkoek Nachos set substitutes normal nacho chops with Pannenkoek, a Dutch-style pancake that has a similar texture to crepes. An interesting change from the norm, the Pannenkoek nachos set is perfect as a snack for a small group of friends or family.

2. Le Poulet = The Chicken


Serving size: Perfect for 1(one) hungry personBehold, Le Poulet! So, it’s pretty obvious that this dish contains more than just chicken. It actually comes with two fluffy, savoury pancakes filled with mushrooms and spring onion. The chicken part comes from the generous amount of grilled chicken bits mixed with vegetables on the side.This meal is good for those looking to fill their tummies to the brim.

3. Mariscos Marinara = Seafood Marinara


Serving size: Good for 1-2 peopleOne of the Galettes they serve is called the Mariscos Marinara. As the name suggests, it is a savoury pancake topped with all kinds of seafood drenched in marinara sauce and LOADS of cheese.Just to name a few, there are squid rings, mussels and prawns distributed over the surface of this pancake, which gives it a briny taste.This is a unique dish that cannot be easily found in other Western-style restaurants.Do make your way to Beyond Pancakes if your idea of a short European getaway is to makan your way through the continent!

Halal-status: Halal-Certified

Address: Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #03-131A Singapore 039594

Opening Hours: Open daily11.00am – 10.00pm

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