Food Review: Seafood dinners at Yassin Kampung, Sunset Way Clementi



This place has so much variety, everyone in your family will find something they love. From salted egg crab, Sup Ekor, Ikan Tiga Rasa and Crispy Oat Chicken this is something you will not ever find in cafes.Okay, so maybe you’ve been to countless cafes, restaurants and hawker centres in your lifetime. It’s no issue if you think you have already experienced the best fried mantou in your life, we respect that! but let us just introduce you to a place hidden in a quiet spot at Sunset Way, Clementi. A place that may change your mind called Yassin Kampung.This restaurant is decked out in motifs from yesteryear, from a time when our ancestors were still fishing from sampans and the British hadn’t ‘found’ us yet. Bamboo fish cages were turned into lanterns hanging from ceilings amidst the already abundant fairy lights that kept the restaurant bright and cheerful.Though the most important aspect of Yassin Kampung was the food that was laid before us. We tried seven (7) dishes from the menu, including the much-anticipated combo, the Fried Mantou with Chilli Crab.

1. Sup Ekor

The soup ekor was nice and easy on the palette. Filled with ample amounts of bone marrow and bits of meat hanging off. There were also tons of vegetables cooked in the light broth. Generally, the soup ekor was on the side of refreshing more than it was savoury.Regular: $8.00Large: $15.00

2. Ikan Tiga Rasa 

This was a huge, fresh Ikan Kerapu (also called Grouper Fish) deep-fried and drenched in sweet, sour and spicy sauce. Chopped vegetables such as capsicums, tomatoes and pineapples were distributed over the fish to give it more texture and juice. The fish itself was very fresh and had flesh that melts in your mouth.Regular : $35.00Large: $45.00

3. Crispy Oat Chicken

Just imagine popcorn chicken but ‘berlebih’. Everything is so extra about this dish but in the best way possible. The batter was fried well making every bite super crunchy. The chicken flesh is abundant, as well as the portion size. Though it’s not a show stopper like the Ikan Tiga Rasa, it’s a fun dish to eat as either an appetizer for a whole family or a side to white rice.Regular: $13.00Large: $20.00

4.  Kang Kong Belacan

The one vegetable dish we tried was the stir-fried Kang Kong in Belacan (shrimp paste) and chillies. This dish was chewy and had an umami taste, owing to the belacan and shallots used in the recipe.Regular: $9.00Large: $15.00

5. Salted Egg Crab

Surprisingly, the salted egg crab is a dish that does not appear often in seafood restaurants. Out of all the reviews found online, only three Halal restaurants have this dish on their menus! Its as rare as a blood moon, so we were quite lucky to be able to try it.The gravy for this dish has that typical salted egg yolk taste. Chalky, salty, quite thick.Regular: $38.00Large: $60.00Last but not least is the…

6. Chilli Crab and Fried Mantou Bun

The much-anticipated dish combo: the chilli crab with fried mantou! Though i’m sure this meal combo has been reviewed time and again, the one we devoured at Yassin Kampung really hit the spot. Packed with abundant amounts of fresh meat, the chilli crab was incredibly flavourful while the fried mantou was crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside.To fully enjoy this gourmet experience, take one fried mantou, tear it in half, then dip one half of the mantou into the chilli crab gravy, making sure to scoop some crab meat along the way. The saltiness of the fried mantou goes well with the slight sweetness of the chilli crab gravy. If you want to just splurge on only a few dishes, this is the pair you can count on for a very good time.Chilli CrabRegular: $38.00Large: $60.00Fried Mantou BunRegular: $6.00Large: $12.00In conclusion, Yassin Kampung at Sunset Way managed to sway us in many ways, such as through ambience, decor, food and presentation. Everything fit a traditional Malay theme that would bring back the older generation memories of a simpler time.The dishes as well were cooked and presented well, though we suggest that those interested come in big groups so there would be an excuse to order large dishes, as the serving for one large dish is enough for four people!Watch our YouTube Video as well to see the desserts we had there![youtube]EXCLUSIVE for FRIENDS PASS subscribers:Yassin Kampung Seafood offers 20% off between 11am to 4pm on weekdays, and 10% off on all other operational hours daily. Discounts are not valid on public holidays. Valid for dine-in only.Download the halalfoodhunt app on Google Play and Apple Store to susbcribe to the FRIENDS Pass which gets you up to 20% discounts at over 200 halal merchants in Singapore!

Address:106 Clementi St 12 Singapore 120106

For Yassin Kampung’s most updated address and opening hours, click here. ___Disclaimer: This was on a media visit. However opinions on taste is entirely up to the team.


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