Halal Awards 2020: Winner Round ups and Top 3 positions!

Verdicts out! Check out all the businesses with all the halal food you should try!


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Halal Awards 2020 was launched in September 2020 for merchants in the Halal Industry to gain recognition for their food niche, through votes from Halal Foodies in Singapore. Halal Brands interested in participating in Halal Awards 2020 chose to register themselves as one of the competing brands for titles related to their niche.


Opened to all businesses in the Halal Industry, businesses registered themselves to be listed and verified in the Halalfoodhunt App before gaining votes from their followers, patrons and users of the Halalfoodhunt App.


Voting Period lasted 6 weeks from 1st October 2020 – 15th November 2020, and winners were announced on 10th December 2020.

Verdicts are out! Check out all the businesses with all the halal food you should try!

Special Awards

Best Cake Designer
Shartini’s Food Journal (Winner)
Baker’s Luv
Lynn’s Cakes

Best Event Vendor
Satay Ummi (Winner)
Crispy Kriks

Best Home-based Business
Daya Bakes (Winner)
Crispy Kriks

Best Popular Drink
Smoo’D (Winner)
Teh Tarik Shus Bro

Best Halal Restaurant
El Fuego (Winner)
Molten Diners
Flavour Flings

Best Halal Hawker
Haron Satay (Winner)
Jenggood Jom Makan
Nat’s BBQ & Steamboat

Healthy Halal & Tasty Brand
El Nahl Honey (Winner)

Most Popular Halal Provision
Asyura Paste (Winner)
Sos Mak Aku
Al Nusra


Best Halal Baby Food
Little Blossom (Winner)
Bitey Bitz

Best Mommy Food
Makanlicious (Winner)
Mama Lait
Oh Milky Mama

Best Burger
Craze Kitchen (Winner)
Mahmud’s Tandoor (Winner)
T Bob’s Corner
Fatburger & Buffalo’s

Best Chicken Rice
Aspirasi Food Galore (Winner)
13 Stages (Winner)
Tang Tea House
My Kampung

Best Satay
Haron Satay (Winner)
Satay Ummi
Ezan Satay

Best Rojak
Al Mahboob Rojak (Winner)
Rojak Master
Srisun Express

Best Takoyaki
Oishi Boru (Winner)
Yummy Takoyaki

Best Kunafe
Tiara Waterfront (Winner)
Sultan Turkish Restaurant

Best Kueh
Deli Maslina (Winner)
Three’s A Crowd Cafe

Best Prata
Springleaf Prata Place (Winner)
Casuarina Curry Macpherson Rd (Winner)
Srisun Express

Best Nasi Mandi
Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice (Winner)
Sultan Turkish Restaurant

Best Halal Fish&Chips
Craze Kitchen (Winner)
The Mad Sailors

Best Pizza
Pizza Arc (Winner)
Grill Ninety Nine

Best Halal Steak
Molten Diners (Winner)
Grill Ninety Nine
T Bob’s Corner

Best Pasta
Craze Kitchen (Winner)
Lynn’s Cakes
Grill Ninety Nine

Best Dessert
Kraft Kitchen (Winner)
Molten Diners
Three’s A Crowd Cafe

Best Donut
Fifteen SG (Winner)
Choux Bites

Best Halal Waffles
Three’s A Crowd Cafe (Winner)
100 Labs

Best Tahu Begedil
Tahu_Berg (Winner)
Omah Tahu Beggs

Best Nasi Padang
Sari Ratu Restaurant (Winner)
Hjh Maimunah Restaurant
Istimewa Nasi Padang

Best Nasi Ambeng
Regale (Winner)
Istimewa Nasi Padang
Pondok Ambeng

Best Shell-Out
Cajun On Wheels (Winner)
Dad’s Corner

Best Halal Snacks
Asyafar Food (Winner)

Best Noodles
Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen (Winner)
Le Fuse


Best Bakery
Baker’s Luv (Winner)
Lynn’s Cakes
Julie Bakes

Best Home Based Baker
Fifteen SG (Winner)
Daya Bakes
Shartini’s Food Journal

Best Caterer
Best Food Caterer (Winner)
Aspirasi Food Galore

Best Event Venue
Tiara Waterfront (Winner)
Weddings At Flame
Tambuah Mas Indonesian Restaurant

Best Grocer
Asyura Paste (Winner)
Al Nusra

Best Online Merchant
Smoo’D (Winner)
The Original Ayam Geprek
Aspirasi Food Galore

Halalfoodhunt’s Top picks!

Best Romantic Dining Experience: Dad’s Corner Tree Top Dining

Best Dessert House: Butter Studio

Most Innovative Dishes: Flavour Flings

Legendary Halal Brand: Hajah Maimunah Restaurant

Hidden Gem: Lynn’s Cake

Hidden Gem: Sedap Thai

Keep tabs on halalawards.sg for Halal Awards 2021!

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