Halal Live Stations, Caterers and Event Venues to Bookmark the next time you have an event

With the Halalfoodhunt directory on the website and app, you can get halal food for any event or craving at any time of the day now! Even if you are the busiest person in Singapore.

Have you guys tried ever felt like ordering in your comfort food in on those lazy nights or finding nice original food for your intimate gatherings? There are more halal options available now so there’s bound to be something you like. It’s not just fast food or buffet food.Also, halal catering doesn’t have to be for large gatherings anymore. You can have a look around on halalfoodhunt.com or on the halalfoodhunt app for more food or venue ideas for your next party! Bet you did not know you can find more than restaurants and cafes on our app!Here are some of our suggestions!


1. Springleaf Prata Place (Catering)

Springleaf Prata Place - Coin Prata - SingaporeIf you’re craving for some local Indian delights at your event, big or small, you can count on Springleaf Prata Place! Imagine how your guests are going to rejoice when they see crispy coin pratas and toasty thosais in the buffet set-up. We know we’d be happy to grace such an event. Hehe.

Halal status: Halal-Certified
FRIENDS Rewards: 10% off for FRIENDS valid all day any day!


2. Sherramelts

Sherramelts - Tiramisu Cups - Singapore - Halal Dessert TableSherramelts - Tiramisu Cups - Singapore - Halal Dessert TableYou can trust Sherramelts to handle your dessert tables well. Your beautiful, rustic tables are going to be the talk of social media even after your event! They’ve also got a variety of bakes for you to choose from so even if you’re not a fan of cakes, you’ll be sure to find something you like.

Halal status: Status of Halal Food is guaranteed by Muslim Owner
FRIENDS Rewards: Free delivery for FRIENDS!Not applicable for wedding cake packages & 3-tiered cakes and above.

3. Bakersluv

bakersluv singapore halal bakery nutella roll pop upFor those who are missing their home-baked goodies, you should check out Bakersluv! The ladyboss of this bakery is very warm and friendly too! Her trademark bakes are her floral creamcakes but she’s open to baking anything that tickles your fancy.

Halal status: Status of Halal Food is guaranteed by Muslim Owner
FRIENDS Rewards: 10% off for FRIENDS for cake orders of $80and above during for pre-orders only.

Pop Ups

4. Meat My Meat

Meat-My-Meat - Singapore Pop Up - HalalWe love good ol’ cheese on well-made beef and fries. Their Philly Cheesesteak¬† remains as one of our staff favourites. You should have a go at it too! (Psst, don’t forget to use your FRIENDS Pass to get discounts when you do try.) While you may not be able to order in for this, you can certainly send someone to¬† get everyone’s orders if they’re at a pasar malam or bazaar near you!

Halal status: Status of Halal Food is guaranteed by Muslim Owner
FRIENDS Rewards: Free $2 fries for every $15 spent for FRIENDS!

If you need other food pop-up ideas, you can read here.

5. Yummy Takoyaki

yummy takoyaki singapore east sotong halal snacks pop-upBe prepared for a long queue wherever there’s a Yummy Takoyaki booth! From the start till the end, you’ll get the same good quality takoyakis. You’ll always feel rewarded with these warm, savoury fluffballs after standing for so long. They’ve also got bunch of different flavours so make sure to order a few lest you’ll be joining the back of the queue for seconds!

6. Bakersluv

BAKERSLUV home-based BAKERY online pop up halal cake dessertsIf you’re suddenly hit with the craving for home-baked treats or need to celebrate a birthday on-the-go, you’re in luck because Bakersluv is now a pop-up too! You can follow them on social media to get their latest menu and locations.

Halal status: Status of Halal Food is guaranteed by Muslim Owner
FRIENDS Rewards: 10% off for FRIENDS for cake orders of $80and above during for pre-orders only.

Event Venue

7. Le Fuse Cafe

le fuse event venue traditional mala sichuan cuisineHere’s a new venue concept: Bring your spicy-food lover friends over to Le Fuse Cafe for your gatherings and events! #spicychallenge¬† Or, you can just enjoy authentic Mala and Sichuan cuisine with your Chinese friends.

8. Segar Village

Segar village singapore event space event venue gathering party halal

How many restaurant venues will let you inflate your inflatable baby pools for your family events? Well, you can definitely do that at Segar Village. They are family-friendly and will definitely leave an impression on your guests. Now, even the kids have something to do!

9. West Co’z @ Junction 10

Segar @ jurong 10 family large group asian cuisine halalIf you’re looking for a casual dining place to have a family dinner, West Co’z @ Junction 10 can be a great option. It’s one of those restaurants that have seating outside the actual restaurant space in the mall. Having a table in a non-enclosed space can help your guests feel open and eating together more enjoyable.

Food Delivery


OMOOMO Food Concepts - NoodlesNow you can¬† order in Korean fusion food from straight from OMOOMO from your home while you binge on your dramas! (Especially on those rainy days. Wah, syiok!)Don’t feel like staying in this weekend, check the link down below for some restaurant ideas for your next gathering!14 Halal Places To Check Out With Friends This WeekendAren’t you glad there are so many different types of food to try? Time to pick something new when you have an event to organise!

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