Halal Zi Char food at a mall and it’s in the West of Singapore *gasp*


Segar at Star VistaSegar at Star Vista

Segar at Star Vista

When Singaporeans who live in the East think of Halal Zi Char places we think of Chai Chee Seafood, Tang Tea House, and Mak’s Place. However these places are in the east! Poor friends who live in the west. We always get questions to get more coverage of places in the West, so this is for you guys!Also spelled ‘zhi cha’, ‘zi char’, ‘zi cha’, ‘cze char’, ‘tze char’; in Mandarin, 煼炒 (pinyin: zhu2 chao3) which literally means ‘cook & fry’, in reference to the de rigueur use of frying (almost always with woks) in preparing most dishes.Introducing Segar Restaurant, which offers Halal Zi Char dishes at very affordable prices located at Buona Vista’s Star Vista mall. Their portions are also quite generous so this restaurant is definitely value for money. We’ve eaten at Segar Village at Kallang a few times because most of us live in the East but we just had to tell our readers in the West of this place- Segar @ Star Vista and why you should check it out.

First of all, they’re located really near the Buona Vista MRT.

The Star Vista Google MapsThe Star Vista Google Maps

The Star Vista Google Maps

The cherry on top this restaurant is that it’s located in a shopping mall.

Star Vista Interior for Segar Restaurant. Image Credit: CapitalandStar Vista Interior for Segar Restaurant. Image Credit: Capitaland

Star Vista Interior for Segar Restaurant. Image Credit: Capitaland

The place it’s really clean, comfortably cool. Parking isn’t a headache like streetside zi char places because this mall is quite spacious, not a very crowded heartland mall. For those who who need to travel around in a wheelchair, be assured that there are plenty of lifts and ramps around.

Presenting five dishes we recommend from Segar @ Star Vista Restaurant:

1. Try out their Curry Fish Head as your main dish


As Segar serves authenthic Chinese fare, the fish head curry here follows the Nonya style which is more of a coconut (lemak) flavour and less of the spice, which makes it also really good for the kids! There’s also generous servings of lady’s fingers and tofu skin.

2. Order some Oats Prawn as a side dish


This is a favourite order every time you go to a zhi char place. Segar Restaurant nails this dish. Their Oats Prawn is crispy, salty, and sweet at the same time. It’s very crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside so you have to eat this fresh when they serve you on it’s own! Just bite into the tenderness. Caution though it is a little bit spicy.

3. This Cream Sauce Prawn dish is an absolute must-try!


This is creamy, buttery and sweet. You don’t know whether to eat it on it’s own, or to eat this with rice but this is a must have for your order! It’s good for the kids too because it’s not spicy at all. The only annoying thing is peeling off the shells fast enough to get to the meat! Unless you eat your prawns with shells as well.

4. Another side dish wish is a must-try is their Grandma Salted Egg Sotong.


Before salted egg was a craze, the Segar Restaurant chains had their salted egg figured out, and perfected. This yellow sauce hasthe right balance of sweet and salty, covers crispy fried sotong evenly and there’s still a crunch when you bite into it. This is another dish which you feel like eating on it’s own but it won’t make you full if you do that so you have to eat with rice.

5. You’ll eat your vegetables if it it tastes this yummy- French Bean with Dried Shrimp


Zi char vegetables are a favourite especially. If you usually order kangkong, try this dish once in a while. It goes well with everything else on your plate. The saltiness and crispiness from the fried shrimp complements the salty firm yet juicy french beans. There may be cili padi in the dish but it’s only for flavour. It doesn’t make the dish super spicy that you can’t tahan the heat.This restaurant is also halal-certified so clear your doubts about this restaurant! :DWhat are you waiting for? The people at Segar Restaurant are waiting for you!https://www.instagram.com/p/BRK5xT7hrjJ/Segar @ Star Vista 1 Vista Exchange Green #02-28A/08, Singapore 138617. Segar @ Starvista also offers 10% discount off total bill for FRIENDS Cardholders. Not valid with any other promotions or discounts. The FRIENDS Card offers up to 20% discounts at over 100 halal places in Singapore.

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