Hararu Izakaya launches four halal maki and sashimi dishes on their menu

After multiple requests from their customers asking for this item on the menu, this halal Japanese restaurant is offering Salmon Sashimi, Hotate Sashimi, Unagi Maki and California Maki.


After many requests from their customers asking for this item on the menu, this halal Japanese restaurant which specialises in charcoal grilled items and donburi sets is finally launching their Sashimi and Makimono menu.

This is something that has been missing on their menu for a while and for someone who is crazy about salmon sashimi, this is definitely good news.It’s something I’m looking forward to trying especially because of the experience that Hararu Izakaya owners have. We already know that

Wahida and Hidayat have experience working in an

authentic Izakaya for five and seven years respectively.

Learning from the masters

Before adding their Maki and Sashimi menu in their restaurant, they took a four-day trip in January 2018 to improve their skills and knowledge, learning from sushi and sashimi experts in Japan. When they returned, they trained their team with the knowledge that they gained during their¬†previous employment and the trip. That right there is simply true commitment to their craft and brand.”We are going to Japan again this May 2018 to see the market trends and also learn new things to polish our skills and knowledge.¬†You may expect new dishes between June to August as well” said Wahida, one of the owner of Hararu Izakaya.What’s amazing is that the ingredients to make this new menu is mostly from Japan, almost 90% of it, so you can be sure that you’re paying for the whole Japanese experience.Drum roll welcome please for the four new items on the menu.

1. California Maki


A type of sushi which is popular with the kids, this  inside-out sushi roll, contains crabstick, tamago, cucumber, avocado & rolled in tobikko. Price per plate: $8++ for 6 pieces.

2. Unagi Maki

Unagi MakiUnagi Maki

This one is a little more unique compared to the above maki but will bode well for those who prefer a bit more flavour on their sushi.  Similarly to the California Roll, this is an inside out sushi where vinegared rice is wrapped around the seaweed which is rolled around slices of freshwater eel.  The whole sushi is then rolled in Furikake (Seaweed,Dried Fish & Sesame seeds). Price per plate: $9++

3. Hotate (Scallop) Sashimi


Hotate is one of the more prized shellfish in Japanese cuisine. The best hotate have a firm texture and a sweet, almost creamy taste, and you get four of this per plate.¬† Price: $12++ per plate. It may be expensive but remember, you’re paying for authentic¬†Japanese ingredients and skills! (Plus you can get 15% off with the FRIENDS Pass from Sundays to Thursdays)

4. Salmon Belly Sashimi

Salmon Belly Sashimi

Salmon Belly Sashimi

Here’s a good rule to remember when approaching Japanese food: If there’s a choice between salmon and salmon belly sashimi, always go for the salmon belly.¬† The salmon belly is softer and more delicate because it has a higher fat content.¬†Salmon store most of their fat in their undersides, making the meat there some of the most flavorful on the whole fish and the most rich in Omega 3 which is good for your health too! Score points on taste and health for this one.Price per plate: $9++¬† for four slices

As Hararu Izakaya encourages sharing platters like one would find in an izakaya, the sushi and sashimi platters fit right in.¬†Obviously for Ramadan, sushi won’t be enough to satiate your hunger, so you can add on Donburi to break your fast and the rest of the items on their menu!

Ramadan Operating Hours

As Hararu Izakaya’s one year anniversary month also coincides with the month of Ramadan, their operating hours will be adjusted as well. From 15 May to 14 June 2018, operation hours will be from 5pm to 11pm, with the last order at 10.30pm. They will be closed on 14-17 June 2018 from the eve, up till the third day of Hari Raya.

15% Off at Hararu Izakaya

Download the halalfoodhunt app and subscribe to the FRIENDS Pass to get 15% off on the above maki and sashimi from Sundays to Thursdays for Dine in only. Discount applies to Ala-Carte Food Menu. Discount is not valid in conjunction with Set Lunches or other promotional items. Click here for Google Play, or here for Apple App Store.


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