16 types of Kueh Raya to Order Online so you can avoid the heat & crowds of Ramadan Bazaars


halalfoodhunt.com brings back the best raya bakes to you this year through The KUEH Auditions 2017!

It’s only one week left to Ramadan and the weather is just so crazy, really hot in the morning and rainy in the afternoon. I’m glad my team put up The Kueh Auditions so that all our readers and followers can have the option to just buy the kuehs online and concentrate on their good deeds this Ramadan.I’d also like to think that our Halal Food Hunt readers and followers trust our judgement in taste. You know, because we do hunt for a lot of food. Being the resident food connoisseur, a lot of food comes my way. I really do mean a lot. I mean, might as well put my talent and taste buds to good use rather than just letting others fat-shame me.


Since Ramadhan is around the corner and eventually Hari Raya Aidilfitri (aka Eid), we are all looking for ways to ease the burden and stress in preparing for the celebrations. I don’t know about you, but Eid is the time for our mothers – and for some of us who already are wives and mothers – to bring out the big guns to prepare for battle.


I’ve said it many times – choose your battles wisely, my dear comrades. While I enjoy cleaning and decorating the house as well as cooking for the morning of Eid, I stop myself at baking the Raya cookies. Cookies and goodies like Kueh Tart or Kueh Makmur take a lot of dedication and effort to make that I’d rather be running laps around the stadium.So let’s just say, one battle is already won when you check out the following favourites from our team and stock up on your raya cookies for Aidilfitri – all at a click of your mouse!

Are you a food purist, and only gravitate to the traditional kuehs? Then you have the tastebuds matching our website designer, Dee. 

While many of our bakers have come up with new and innovative cookies to keep up with the times, we know that Raya is not Raya when you don’t have Kueh Tart, Kueh Makmur and the likes of the Kueh Matriarchs. Or as our makciks like to say “Takde kueh ni, tak sah Raya!” (It’s not Raya without these kueh!”)

1. Kueh Tart



Not too sweet, crimped by hand with love, and the best part, these sweet things do not leave you with a sticky mouth. The pastry is perfectly baked and buttered while the pineapple filling leaves a slight aftertaste of spice.

2. Kueh Makmur



The girls and not just Dee, got quite excited over this one – they find the bits of peanut in the makmur give a nice crunch and bite to the kueh. The pastry is also well buttered and the sugar dusting is balanced, so you’ll keep coming back for more.

3. Kueh Sugee



Milky and creamy, this sugee cookie is sure to tempt you back for more. Its creaminess makes the sugee slightly moist and addictive. Let’s just say, you have been warned.

4. Macadamia Chocolate Chip Cookies



Always a crowd favorite, this chocolate chip cookie is a must-have on our list of bakes for Raya. Crunchy, chocolatey and filled with the rich flavour of the macadamia nuts, Biskot Inc relieves us the stress of having to make your own chocolate chip cookies. Plus, the nuts keep Zie at bay for a bit longer since she likes hers with pure chocolate chip only.

5. Belgian Cookiss



These were so good, the team fought to finish the entire container of samples. Chocolatey, rich, and oh-so-heavenly, the cookies are consistently crunchy and decadent that it’s crazy addictive and oh, so delicious.

6. Nutella Pods



For the third year running, Nutella Pots from Bake with Love  has managed to pot itself in our hearts and minds. Nutty, crunchy and light, the cookie base is a perfect complement to the sweet rich goodness from the Nutella.

If you are like Jums, someone who likes to try new flavours (especially because chocolate is not something you like and you get bored of old flavours quickly), nothing can go wrong with the following new creations.

7. Cheezy Trio



Even if I were lactose intolerant, I’d sacrifice my bowels for this delicious crispy and salty bites. Thankfully, Jums has no issues with lactose so I guess these are made for her. Made with three different cheeses, the cheesy trio makes it a wonderful dessert after a bowl of lontong and rendang.

8. Matcha White Chocolate with Almond Bits



Jums can’t get enough of this – so much so I had to hide the bottle so she won’t finish it before I was done taking photos. The subtle matcha taste crawled its way into our hearts, especially since matcha has a tendency to be overwhelmingly bitter but these are just right.

9. Salted Egg Yolk Cookies



While the ondeh-ondeh craze is still going on, we also know that salted egg anything is still hot and in demand. For the first time, we received a container of salted egg yolk cookies that left the entire team in awe. Buttery, salty yet sweet – the cookies make your salted egg yolk experience an elevated one. Did I mention it melts in your mouth too?

For cake lovers like Shams, sweeten your Eid with the following fluffy rolls and a hit of choc:

10. Red Velvet Roll Cake



This roll cake has been with us since day one and has never failed to impress, and we’re proud to bring it back to our selection of raya bakes this year again!

11. Durian Roll Cake



Perfectly creamy and rich durian filling rolled onto a soft and moist vanilla cake, this durian roll is the one for durian lovers. It has a good balance of cream to durian so you won’t smell like durian after your Raya visit but you’ll still get dose of shiokness. Get yours here.

12. Pandan Gula Melaka roll



Possibly the best local flavoured roll cake around, this pandan gula melaka roll cake is thick yet soft and moist, and the sweetness comes from the gula melaka which makes it addictive and delicious. Unsuspectingly, you might think it’s just a pandan roll but we are sure its a suspicious ondeh-ondeh roll disguised as a plain pandan roll.

13. Hazeltella Brownie



Brownies are always a hit with kids, especially when it’s chocolate laden and filled with nutty goodness. Serve them in bite sized pieces, and you’ll find these brownies gone in sixty seconds. Get it here.

For those who love tapak kuda, like Saf, get the following:

14. Peppermint Tapak Kuda by Bakers Luv



While Adam from The Halal Food Blog loved the Citrus Tapak Kuda, Saf enjoyed every bit of the peppermint tapak kuda. We think nothing can go wrong with chocolate and mint. The best part is, the cake is soft and the Nutella filling isn’t too thick for you to pop the entire roll in your mouth.

15. Original Tapak Kuda



We have to agree with Adam on this one! Fat, light and moist – this tapak kuda is filled with the thick, overflowing richness of Nutella. You will definitely be fighting over this one with your sister.

For the savoury snack-lover like Ain, don’t forget this!

16. Salted Egg Yolk Chips



Every chip is coated with salted egg and visually, it looks good in a tall glass or acrylic container, because the yellow is balanced with the green of curry leaves. Most importantly, it tastes as good as it looks!If you’ve been trying to get on their preorder list, quit worrying and head on over to our bakes site now to get yourself a big tin of salted egg yolk chips! Just as delicious and satisfying, only this time you won’t be running out of chips too fast (if you hide it at least).

What’s New This Year?

To complement your raya bakes and goodies, we’ve been sponsored by the wonderful people behind Three Legs Cooling Water and we are glad to bring you the best drink to serve this Eid. To get a taste of this cooling drink, Three Legs will be providing three complimentary bottles of refreshing cooling water with each Raya order, in the three different flavours of Lime, Guava and Lychee! Take it from us peeps, they taste good and they are a healthier alternative compared to soft drinks like Coca-Cola and “air orange” which usually foretells a sore throat or cough!

This way, Three Legs Cooling Water can reduce your body heatiness (which helps you prevent unwanted pimple outbreaks just when you want to look pretty for Raya) by drinking this drink made from Gypsum Fibrosum (Shi Gao, a Chinese natural ingredient). Three Legs Cooling Brand Flavoured Water is also manufactured under the internationally recognised GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) standards, and is halal-certified so its all goodness through and through.

Three Legs Cooling Water 3Three Legs Cooling Water 3

Three Legs Cooling Water 3

You can also get the Three Legs Cooling Water in a variety of flavours to accompany your Raya.


What we look forward to for this year’s National Day 2017!

Halal Food Hunt has been selected as one of the influencers to cover National Day Parade. Stay with us as we release more information to you in the lead up to August!

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