The Perfect Teamwork of a Mother & Daughter and Their Delicious Rainbow Cakes!


Growing up is not an easy thing to do. It hits you hard when you make mistakes while exploring who you are. When you are discovering your strengths but life circumstances pull you a different way. When you are hit again and again with tests that you need to swim through. Throughout all these struggles, there is one person who you can constantly rely on for support and love- unconditionally. She is your mother.Violet Frost is a bakery where each baked creation is the result of two minds and hearts- a mother and daughter. The business is led by daughter Seri, and mother, Wan Zuraidah. How can a mother and daughter work together without getting on each other’s nerves? 

The mother and daughter chemistry

Violet Frost's Rainbow Cake (halal)Violet Frost's Rainbow Cake (halal)

Violet Frost’s Rainbow Cake (halal)

Said the mother, Wan Zuraidah, “It’s easy to work with my daughter.”What? Easy? How many of us can say that we would love to be working with our mother? Wouldn’t it usually lead to nagging or anger?Seri agrees, “We have a good working relationship. We eat together in cafes to survey what’s out there, I decide what to offer on our menu, and my mother will develop the recipes. She will also be the one who bakes, and I will be the one frosting.””My mum has been supporting me through many challenges in my life. I was working in a typical office job, but circumstances needed me to work from home. I decided to choose baking to develop my talent and skills in.”From then on, they worked together to give classes and came up with many types of cakes- mooncakes, pistachio cheesecake, tapak kuda, and their best specialty- rainbow cakes. I tried this one and it was super soft and buttery, just like a dream. No wonder it’s their best seller!”Everyone loves our butter cakes, and it’s a hot favourite every single time. Also, I think that because our brand is named as Violet Frost, it appeals to everyone in Singapore.” 

Mum’s recipes passed on to daughter

Halal Tapak Kuda Nutella Horseshoe Roll CakeHalal Tapak Kuda Nutella Horseshoe Roll Cake

Halal Tapak Kuda Nutella Horseshoe Roll Cake

Their tapak kuda recipe is also a recipe from her mother. Wan Zuraidah has been baking even when she was young attending classes on her own. Her tapak kuda nutella recipe is from 1985.”I remember my mum baking this when I was in kindergarten, and it was in 2010-2011 that I saw the trend come back again. I told my mum that we should start offering tapak kuda to our customers.” 

So how do they manage handling lots and lots of orders?





Halal Shanghai Mooncakes by Violet FrostHalal Shanghai Mooncakes by Violet Frost

Halal Shanghai Mooncakes by Violet Frost

Says Wan Zuraidah, “I love baking. I can just sit and bake a lot. I’ll bake half a day, get tired and rest, and do it again the next day. I used to work in a factory so I’m really used to this. When there’s something interesting I try outside, I’ll ask them for a recipe and sometimes they ask me to come over and learn.” Sounds like Madam Wan Zuraidah should be the face of Active Aging- Somebody nominate her please!Trying out the tea-time platter that they presented to us- which included mooncakes and cheesecakes, we could see how well mother and daughter worked together. “Even our brand colours of pink and purple was chosen because these are each of our favourite colours!”Talking to Seri and Madam Wan Zuraidah, learnt something from Violet Frost that afternoon. Mothers and daughters can bond over a shared vision of wanting to keep learning to sharpen their skills, and create lovely things in the world to share with others. Everytime I bite into their luscious rainbow cake, I will definitely remember this.  To know more about Violet Frost bakery’s location or how to order from them, click here.


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