Nene Chicken Review: Nope, we’re not reviewing Korean Fried Chicken. We’re having UNAGI PIZZA.


Address: 173 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534862
Halal Verification: Halal Certified

Did you guys know Nene Chicken (@nenechickensg) has pizzas? 😱 I was surprised to know when I visited their Upper Paya Lebar outlet, the only outlet at the moment to have these pizzas. And these are not your typical tomato sauce-and-cheese-and-toppings. I’d say they’re pretty unique and if you’re a fan of Korean food or unique, adventurous food, you should give these pizzas a taste.

Menu items featured:
1. 18-piece chicken: Double Freaking Hot + Swicy Sauce + Soy
2. Kimchi Pancake
3. Fiery Fried Chicken Pizza
4. Bulgogi Chicken
5. Grilled Unagi Pizza

Out of all the pizzas, I like the unagi one. The pizza crust is very soft and made in-house. And it’s very, very cheesy. Like, the base is cheese without any tomato sauce. I think kids and cheese-lovers will enjoy the cheesiness here. The unagi is mild and pleasant and soft. The base is the same for all the pizzas: soft bread and cheesy. The fiery fried chicken one is really hot and spicy! The bulgogi one is mild.

For the flavours on the chicken, the double freaking hot is NO JOKE. I had a little tiny lick of the sauce and it was so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Not for the faint-hearted! I like that the chicken is still crispy and crunchy even with all the sauce coating them. The soy and swicy are the safer flavours that anyone can enjoy.

Tip: eat the kimchi pancake with the sauce provided. It makes a difference!

The kimchi pancake and pizzas are available only at this Upper Paya Lebar outlet so drop by if you’re in the area to try these new menu items. Delivery is only available for those around the area as well.


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