Opens Today: Halal Bakery in Shenton Way Sells Low-Fat, Low Sugar Cakes


[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″ size=”50px”]T[/dropcap] here’s multiple layers of sweetness in this story. There is a new bakery in town which allows you to have your cake and eat it too. You can now satisfy your sweet tooth without all the guilt of munching more and more into the delicious bite of a cupcake or slice of cake.[alert style=”green”]Read till the end for opening promotion![/alert]

All the sweetness without the guilt? We say YES! But how do they do it?

Bandung Cupcakes Halal, Low-Sugar, Low- Fat at Simply Sinless, Shenton WayBandung Cupcakes Halal, Low-Sugar, Low- Fat at Simply Sinless, Shenton Way

Bandung Cupcakes Halal, Low-Sugar, Low- Fat at Simply Sinless, Shenton Way

Says co-owner and baker Nur Siti Aisyah Jumari and Shayas Sri Sharif, “Our cakes are made with no refined sugar, and when we do use them, we use less sugar in our bakes. For our sliced cakes, like the Queen Ondeh-Ondeh, we don’t use butter. Our principle¬†is really low-fat, low sugar when we bake our cakes so that our customers can enjoy the sweetness without the guilt!”Baking since 2012, the two close friends, Aisyah and Shayas really enjoyed feeding people, but the thought of the consequences of all the sugary delights kept nagging at the back of their minds.¬†“I find baking really therapeutic and enjoy feeding people sweet stuff, but I do¬†think of all the calories I’m feeding them.”¬†How thoughtful for the sake of our waistline!

From home baker to town retailer

Before setting up this retail space in Shenton Way, Simply Sinless was a home business, organising baking and cooking workshops, and delivering cupcakes around Singapore to its 1,667 followers on Instagram and 29,000 fans on Facebook.However, they wanted to expand their production and marketing to let their cakes reach more people. Having an NEA certificate would also allow them to improve their food hygiene and preparation process for the sake of their customers.

A larger purpose- Sinless cakes for subsidised education

Besides running a baking business, Shayas and Aisyah runs a education centre called Learning Studio from their home, where they run English, Math and Science classes for primary school students all the way to junior college level in Pasir Ris Street 11. With the proceeds from sales at¬†Simply Sinless, this faboulous duo wants to run subsidised classes for the community and raise the education levels of those who are not able to afford private tuition. See what I mean about them being so sweet and sinless?[badge style=”red”]

Opening Promotion


Every purchase of a cake at Simply Sinless will get you a free cupcake during lunchtime and from 6-7pm. Pop by to the cake and enjoy your sinless cakes! Tell all your friends who dislike sugary stuff or those who are health conscious that the bites of sugary delights are simple and sinless, perfect for the afternoon slump as teatime.You can also reserve your cupcakes and tubcakes and collect them during lunch or after work. Just SMS your Name, Item to Order, Quantity and Collection time to 92201468.

Opening Hours:Thursday & Friday12pm-8.30pm

Simply Sinless will be listing at

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