Old Chang Kee launches Durian & Jackfruit Curry Puff on Curry Day this Friday at Velocity@Novena Square

In conjunction with Singapore Food Festival 2018, Old Chang Kee is organising Curry Day 2018 at Velocity @ Novena Square, a 2-days celebration of curry.


In conjunction with Singapore Food Festival 2018, Old Chang Kee is organising Curry Day 2018 at Velocity @ Novena Square, a 2-days celebration of curry.From being disappointed when McDonald’s Curry is out of stock, to defending our way of life when cooking a pot of curry, all Singaporeans know curry very well.The well loved Halal-Certified chain, Old Chang Kee is choosing July 27 to organise Curry Day by celebrating their iconic curry puff and pushing the durian and currypuff flavours to Singaporeans.We’ve not tried it yet but from release photos, it looks really similar to the current Curry O.Both will retail for $4 for 2 pieces. Don’t go to your nearest Old Chang Kee outlet and expect these two curry puff fillings to be sold there. These are exclusively available at the Level 1 Indoor Atrium of Velocity @ Novena Square from 11am to 9pm on Friday 27 July 2018 to 28 July 2018.Besides queuing up to try the durian and jackfruit curry puff, here’s what you can expect at Curry Day.

1. Try out Chilli Crab curry puff if you have not

Chilli-CrabO.jpgIt’s filled with REAL crab meat.


2. Pick and choose curry spices the traditional way, to cook at home

Old Chang Kee’s official spice supplier – Selvi’s will be selling their herbs & spices at Curry Day 2018 where you can choose to purchase and pound the spices on your own, or you can get their Spice Man to assist you on the pounding before bringing it back home to cook your very own curry dishes. Available from 11am – 9pm at both event days.

3. Learn about spices with your children.

Parents can bond with their children with free Children’s Spice Art sessions and they can get to learn the different types of spices as well! Available from 11am – 9pm at both event days.

4. Learn how to make pretty crimps for your curry puffs


Get to learn how to crimp your very own curry puffs from Old Chang Kee production crews and get to bring home your very own hand-made puffs! Available 12pm – 2pm & 5pm – 7pm on both event days. Limited slots available.

5. Compete to be the fastest Curry Puff Eater in Singapore


You can try to have a go at this and stand a chance to win $388, $288 or $188 cash. Register on site at the Curry Day event.

6. Try out Old Chang Kee’s other curry dishes beyond the puff.


For a snack you can try their Chicken Chunky Pops with Curry Sauce ($2.60) or the Bun Times’ curry buns ($1.60) For something heavier you can try their Signature Flower Bread with Curry Chicken ($11.90).You can also get their Curry Paste and Curry Powder if you really want to cook the exact taste of Old Chang Kee at home.

7. They have cute Curry Puff Cushions too!

If you have stepped in their Curry Times outlets and gawked at their tingkats, you can get them here too.Will you be there?


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