Orders for halal food in Singapore have grown, making up a third of Foodpanda’s deliveries


The Annual Food Delivery Report 2017The Annual Food Delivery Report 2017

The Annual Food Delivery Report 2017

One in every three orders on foodpanda are for halal food. This is one of the findings reported by foodpanda in their Annual Food Delivery Report 2017, released on Wednesday.With more and more Singaporeans ordering in than ever before, foodpanda has looked through its extensive data over the past two years to analyse habits of its customers ‚Äď including what they are eating, when they are ordering and who is ordering in the most.Here¬†are seven interesting things to note about the report.¬†¬†¬†This is¬†what they found:

1. Orders for halal food have increased drastically from last year (from 19% to 30%).

YAY Minions GIFYAY Minions GIF

YAY Minions GIF

This means, more halal foodies are looking for delivery from halal-certified restaurants, or it could also mean that¬†there are more halal-certified restaurants on foodpanda for the general customer to choose from, which is definitely great news for halal foodies! Note that halal restaurants on foodpanda are usually halal-certified by Singapore’s Islamic Religious Council (MUIS).

Measures to cater to consumers who eat halal

halal bag foodpandahalal bag foodpanda

halal bag foodpanda

According to foodpanda, this rise in orders for halal food follows their initiative in 2016, where they were the first¬†food delivery company in Singapore to have dedicated bags labelled¬†‚ÄúHalal‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúNon-Halal‚ÄĚ.Additionally, the Managing Director of foodpanda, Aspa Lekka, informed that foodpanda have developed a unique algorithm to ensure that any rider collecting halal orders, will never interact with a non-halal restaurant.

However, halal is not a culinary type but a dietary requirement

Although the foodpanda reports that halal dishes remain the most ordered, halal dishes are not a type of cuisine and is not mutually exclusive with the other above categories. Halal food can also be fast food (like MacDonald’s), it can also be European food (like Pastamania), and it can also be healthy food (like Simply Wrapps, although they are not offering foodpanda delivery yet).¬†It would also be interesting to know, within the category of halal food, what kind of dishes are getting more popular orders, and something they could consider for their 2018 study perhaps?

Now, let’s see what foodpanda noticed are the general trends of food behaviour¬†in Singapore. When getting food to the doorstep is that simple with a few clicks, what do foodies like to order?

2. More people are choosing to order healthier options.



Hungry people in Singapore used to order fast food because it was the only thing you can get over delivery when you are too lazy to go out. Since delivery services like foodpanda has been in existence, the choices have increased beyond fast food!Over the past year, foodpanda has seen an increase of 83% in orders of salads, soups and vegetarian dishes, resulting in healthy food making up nearly a quarter of all food orders – from 12% in 2015/2016 up to 22% in 2016/2017. Healthy food orders in Singapore also nearly double fast food orders now – with just 12% of customers ordering fast food options across 2016/2017.

3. Hungry eaters ordering delivery want types of cuisine to choose from.

Pizza GIFPizza GIF

Pizza GIF

European food has seen an increased by over a third (36%) across 2016/2017, going from 19% to 26% of all orders. When it comes to Asian food, Singaporeans are also starting to favour spicier dishes with Korean food orders seeing a rise of 40% this year.

4. Hougang and Sengkang are the hungriest neighbourhood.

giphy (3)giphy (3)

giphy (3)

Is this because there are not a lot of good food in these neighbourhoods? Well we can recommend some! (Check out halal eateries in Hougang). In terms of who is ordering the most, foodpanda has noticed that the city‚Äôs ‚Äėhungriest neighbourhood‚Äô is the North¬†(Hougang & Sengkang), which¬†came in at No. 1 with 30% of all orders, as compared to other areas of Singapore.

5. Singaporeans don’t sleep. Late nights from 12 midnight to 2am are when their stomachs get hungry again.

bedtime hungry GIFbedtime hungry GIF

bedtime hungry GIF

Late night delivery has also been on the rise, with foodpanda seeing a 69% increase in late night orders over the past year. Italian is the favoured cuisine by late night eaters with pizza coming in at 18% of all orders placed, followed by pasta at 17%. In terms of late night ordering, 12am to 2am is the most popular time with nearly 73% of late night orders placed during this time frame.

6. Singaporeans ordered in the most when compared to the rest of Asia.

batman shock GIFbatman shock GIF

batman shock GIF

Singapore came out top in terms of placing the most food delivery orders. Despite having a population of just 5 million, Singapore makes up 50% of all foodpanda’s orders in Asia, compared to 15% in Malaysia, 14% in Hong Kong, 13% in Thailand and 8% in the Philippines. Nearly half of foodpanda’s customers in Singapore are ordering twice a week (56%), with 13% ordering three times a week. Yes, we are a bunch of hungry and lazy people with depleting cooking skills.

7. Lastly, a common wisdom, women are usually the ones who make the decisions when it comes to food compared to the men.

women strong GIFwomen strong GIF

women strong GIF

In terms of gender split, foodpanda has revealed that 70% of its orders are made by women, as supposed to just 30% of men. Of course.


Statistics from foodpanda’s ‘Annual Food Delivery Report’Hungriest Regions in Asia:

  • Singapore: 50%

  • Malaysia: 15%

  • Hong Kong: 14%

  • Thailand: 13%

  • Philippines:8%

Popular Timings for late night orders:

  • 12am – 2am: 73%

  • 2am – 4am: 21%

  • 4am – 6am: 4%

  • 6am – 8am: 1%

The number of times a week orders are placed:

  • Once a week: 23%

  • Twice a week: 56%

  • Three times a week: 13%

  • Four times a week: 6%

  • Five times a week or more: 2%

Most popular day of the week that orders are placed:

  • Monday: 12%

  • Tuesday: 11.7%

  • Wednesday: 12.3%

  • Thursday: 12.5%

  • Friday: 13.4%

  • Saturday: 18.5%

  • Sunday: 20%

 Featured Image: Twitter/ @GlobalFoodpandaGIFs: GIPHY

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