Jumaiyah M.

Identified as one of Cleo Magazine’s Change Makers of 2018, Jumaiyah has developed Halalfoodhunt an influential brand in the halal food scene. More than just a brand that helps people find and purchase halal food, Halalfoodhunt also continuously engages its audience on halal matters within the halal food space. To date, she has had several mentions in the media for her contributions in this area.

She graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelors of Science (Chemistry), and a second major in Business Management.


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Youthopia | Impact 0327: Making a mark in the tech scene for halal food

24 January 2022

For the young ones looking to embark on something fresh and exciting

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Sassy Mama SG | My Child Tested Positive for COVID-19: Now What? Two Moms Share Their Stories PLUS Doctor’s Step-by-step Advice

12 November 2021

Jumaiyah shares tips for how to care for a Covid+ toddler when her son caught the virus from pre-school and infected her while she cared for him.

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The Royal Singapore | They referred to us as “A bunch of Macik-macik who likes to makan”

24 November 2021

In this episode by TRS, Jumaiyah shares the prevalence of racism and sexism in the workplace and how she, too, was a victim. But instead of letting it get her down, find out what Jumaiyah did to use this as motivation.

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Singapore Tatler | Opinion: Here’s How We Should Be Handling Misogyny Appropriately

14 June 2021

Jumaiyah guest-writes a piece featuring her thoughts on the recent controversy in Singapore involving local Ustazahs who became victims of a lewd poll.

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CNA Luxury | ‘A time of togetherness’: What a quieter Hari Raya means for Singaporeans

12 May 2021

“I’m looking forward to a quiet celebration (since my phone is usually noisy with work queries) with good food and a relaxing day of doing nothing. I am definitely also looking forward to spending some time away from the computer.”

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26 March 2021

The most important thing that people want is to be acknowledged, seen and heard,” Jumaiyah remarks. “Sometimes in our rush, we might unintentionally say things in a passing statement that make them feel unimportant. To counter that, take every opportunity possible to talk to everyone kindly..

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Fempreneur Secrets | Leading a Business from Scratch with Jumaiyah M.

19 March 2021

In this episode of Fearless Fempreneurs, listen to Jumaiyah’s story on starting a business and some of the myths she had to overcome as she developed her company from scratch.

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HER World | #HerWorldHerStory: She Successfully Built A Platform For Halal Merchants By Bootstrapping

8 March 2021

Jumaiyah Mahathir, co-founder and CEO of Halalfoodhunt talks us through her journey and her advice for startups struggling with funding.

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HER World | 10 Women In Leadership Positions Give Their Best Career Advice

4 March 2021

For International Women’s Day 2021, HER World special edition of #HerWorldHerStory shines the spotlight on 10 women in leadership positions and asks them for their best career advice.

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TODAY | How a food media business tapped tech to feed struggling families, help F&B firms during Covid-19

31 January 2021

When some businesses and families struggled to stay afloat last year during the Covid-19 pandemic, media company Halalfoodhunt took it upon itself to rally the community to support those struggling to get by.

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The Straits Times | Going digital helped firm grow its revenue

27 January 2021

When some businesses and families struggled to stay afloat last year during the Covid-19 pandemic, media company Halalfoodhunt took it upon itself to rally the community to support those struggling to get by.

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The Everyday People | Jumaiyah: Halalfoodhunt Founder on Juggling Motherhood and Business

25 July 2020

“I haven’t always been a foodie, but I did see myself loving food more through the course of running Halalfoodhunt.”

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The Caliph Podcast | Jumaiyah Mahathir: Advocating halal, The muslim community, Rizq & sustenance

25 July 2020

The entrepreneur, coach and trainer, Jumaiyah, is the co-founder of Halalfoodhunt, an online platform that empowers halal merchants and customers to connect. She has built a strong community of almost 50 thousands followers online where she continuously engage and educate them with information concerning halal food.

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The Lit Movement | Mother’s Day: Jumaiyah Mahathir on juggling motherhood, Halalfoodhunt with little help

25 July 2020

When it comes to juggling a full-time career and taking care of one’s children, it is quite a norm to hear people seeking some form of help for childcare arrangements. Jumaiyah Mahathir, though, tries to buck the trend, despite being a boss and a first time mother.

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Cleo Magazine | Make Your Introversion Work for You

September 2019

Introversion might be seen as a hindrance at the workplace, but this is entirely untrue. As a self-professed introvert, Jumaiyah shares how she makes her introversion work for her so that it doesn’t become a hindrance to her hitting milestones in her career.

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HalalZilla | Top 10 Halal Food Bloggers to Follow in 2019

21 March 2019

Halal Zilla consistently looks out for their readers when it comes to halal travel. This time, they recommended that their readers follow prominent locals in destinations as selected in this Article. Jumaiyah (as @halalfoodhunt) was named as one of the top 10 people to follow when looking for halal food in Singapore.

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Berita Harian | Laman makanan halal tidak mahu hanya tumpu soal ‘sedap tak sedap

30 March 2019

Berita Harian did a feature on prominent faces that were adding spice into the halal food scene in Singapore. Jumaiyah was featured for her contributions in the halal food scene, but more prominently as someone that also shares knowledge about halal, on top of recommended food places.

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The Karyawan | Halal Issues: The Need for a Balanced Discourse

30 March 2019

Does not being halal certified equates to being non-halal for muslim consumption? This was one of the questions addressed by Jumaiyah when she responded to an article that commented on the availability of halal food in Singapore’s cinemas.

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CLEO Magazine | How One Woman Created One of Singapore’s Biggest Halal Food Blogs

August 2018

Jumaiyah was identified by CLEO Magazine as one of the Change Makers of 2018. As an entrepreneur, she shares about her journey, and the challenges that she has had to face on her way to being one of the most prominent influencers in the halal scene in Singapore.

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The New Paper | Patrons concerned by stalls without halal certification at Geylang Serai Bazaar

2 June 2017

Concerned by the many reports of non-halal food being sold at the Ramadhan Bazaar from her followers, Jumaiyah investigated the Geylang Serai Ramadhan in 2017, and released her findings on her blog, that later went viral. This was picked up by several national media, including The New Paper.

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