How Sinseh: The Grocery shaped up to be more of a dessert house


Sinseh:The Grocery, was born because of a few reasons- the owners of The Lab SG had run out of storage space to store The Lab’s groceries (yes, pun intended), and they wanted to open a new concept dessert house and grocery.Initially, Sinseh: The Grocery was intended to be a place where customers could come and bring home ingredients, from local producers, to make their own food- an alternative market if you would like.

Oringally a place to sell locally-made produce

Sinseh the Grocer iced thai milk tea halal singaporeSinseh the Grocer iced thai milk tea halal singapore

Sinseh the Grocer iced thai milk tea halal singapore

From participating in pop-up markets, co-owner Rohaizan Abdul Rahman, or simply Ejan, realised that many local producers of food don’t really have a place to sell their food. Coupled with the fact that their other restaurant down the street of Jalan Pisang, The Lab SG, was running out of storage space, she and her husband, Luqman Hakim opened up Sinseh: The Grocery.

Looking at customers’ tastes



However, their concept had to evolve. More people knew them for their bakes. “The original concept would have worked better if we were somewhere in the CBD, at Telok Ayer Street maybe,” said Ejan, who opened Sinseh The Grocery after opening up The Lab SG.Right now, the decor of the place still looks like a vintage medicinal hall, with glass bottles, but as the interior is quite small and dark (half the size of The Lab SG), there’s not a lot of walking space to go in the shop and view items. Customers would just stand outside, order, and sit to eat. Fortunately, the team behind WE Experiments, who owns The Lab SG and Sinseh: The Grocery are really nimble and observant. Although they have their own concepts in mind, they are quick to look at their customer’s behaviours and serve up more of what their customers like. Which turns out to be… desserts! Who can get enough of pretty desserts which look good and taste even better!”Having likes and followers on Instagram is one thing, it still needs to translate to walk-ins and sales!” says Ejan.

Growing into it’s identity as a dessert house

Gong Xi Churros Waffle Melts at The Lab. Halal Cafe in Singapore verified by halalfoodhunt.comGong Xi Churros Waffle Melts at The Lab. Halal Cafe in Singapore verified by

Churros Waffles

The space is not air-conditioned so it’s great to enjoy waffles, desserts and cold drinks and just watch cars go by at Jalan Pisang. This dessert and bakery project sells croissants, baguettes, focaccia, bagel sandwiches with fillings like turkey bacon and egg, grilled vegetables and many more. They’re also known for their bagel ice cream sandwich with homemade ice cream.They also take custom orders of cakes because we’ve heard that Ejan is an amazing baker! From the creators of churros waffles, we can expect a lot from Sinseh to keep being a better dessert house with new flavours and tastes!

Sinseh: The Grocery9 Jalan Pisang #01-01, Singapore 199076___Sinseh: The Grocery is a Muslim-owned cafe, verified halal and listed on Discover and verify your halal food choices on! You can also enjoy 15% off with your FRIENDS with Rewards Card which gives you discounts up to 20% at over 50 halal places in Singapore!


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