Sourdough Breads and Gluten-Free Bakes at the Muslim-Owned East Manhattan Bakery

Located opposite Parkway Parade, and nestled right by the entrance of Katong V, Muslim-owned East Manhattan Bakery in Katong has freshly baked artisanal breads, cakes and cookies. Gluten Free bakes too!

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Some may not be as fortunate as others when it comes to consuming gluten – their bodies might not be able to process gluten, leading to a string of problems. Bakeries offering gluten-free baked goodies are few in Singapore, what more halal bakeries? Even less. Fret not, we were excited to have discovered the Muslim-owned East Manhattan Bakery in Katong. Located opposite Parkway Parade, and nestled right by the entrance of Katong V, it’s the go-to place for delicious, artisanal baked goods in the east!


Unlike other local bakeries, East Manhattan’s bakes are more European-styled. Best sellers include their Tiramisu ($38), Blueberry Mousse Cake ($58) and their Ondeh-Ondeh Gular Melaka Cake ($38). Freshly baked daily, their offerings include German Spelt Loaf ($13.80), sourdough breads, sliced cakes, muffins, cookies and more! In addition to their normal baked goods, they offer quite an extensive selection of gluten-free, dairy-free and eggless options to cater to customers of varying diets.


With disease burdens such as diabetes and high cholesterol prevalent among Singaporeans, East Manhattan advocates healthy eating and a balanced diet. Their sourdough loaves are crowd favourites and is a healthier and more nutritional alternative to white bread. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, low in fat and sugar, rich in protein and contain zero cholesterol. Their sourdough loaves not only come plain, they come in varieties such as olives, multigrain walnut and even cranberry for those who prefer a sweet crunch to their slice of sourdough. The loaves were crunchy on the outside, but oh-so-soft on the inside with a hint of the “sour” in the sourdough.

East Manhattan Bakery’s gluten-free options are one of the most extensive we’ve ever seen! Not only do they have gluten-free walnut and almond flakes bread loaf, there were gluten-free chocolate chip and orange and almond cakes, gluten-free muffins that came in three assorted flavours (cranberry, blueberry and chocolate chip) and our personal favourite, their gluten-free chocolate cookies. They’re super chocolatey and tasty, just like the crunchy corner of a brownie.

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For those of you with a strict-gluten free diet and quite wary of the potential of having traces of wheat in their baked goods, don’t worry. The breads are freshly baked daily in separate production batches. While we were there, they were done rolling out their normal and sourdough bread offerings for the day and were baking the gluten-free breads next. Rest assured, you’ll only get to enjoy the best quality of baked goods the bakery has to offer.


In the past, the bakery goodies were catered to the expats living around the area. Due to the COVID-19 situation, more locals have come to purchase them too. While some of them purchasing the specialised products have family members who are gluten, dairy or egg intolerant, most returning customers come with the intention of buying delicious, good quality products to share with their family and friends. Now under a new owner, Mr Muhammad Tan believes that by substituting some ingredients for halal, they are now able to reach a wider group of customers, not limited to the Malay Muslim communities.

For now, it is just strictly a bakery without seating, but we’re looking forward to their plans of expansion in the future. Do check them out when you’re around the area!


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📌 30 East Coast Road, Katong V, #01-04 Singapore 428751
🧕 Muslim-Owned (Verified on the Halalfoodhunt App)



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