Spotlight: Kaisendon @ The Ramen Stall



I wouldn’t imagine everyone enjoys raw fish, but if you are a sashimi lover, then rejoice! The Kaisendon at The Ramen Stall brings zest to your otherwise normal sashimi platter. The most popular type of Sashimi would be the Salmon Sashimi. But this time around, The Ramen Stall’s perfectly cubed pieces of chunky tuna and salmon are topped with fish roe, served in a bowl with cubed cucumber and finally finished with stalks of sprouts challenges every new patron’s idea of what sashimi really means. Have yours with some wasabi and light soya sauce, but remember not to overwhelm the taste and the texture of the beautiful cuts of fresh fish.

Volcano Ramen @ The Ramen Stall


Alternatively, the Volcano Ramen is my next top pick for a Japanese escapade right in our sunny Singapore. The homemade chicken broth boiled for over 20 hours is savoury and light, and goes immensely well with the spicy volcano sauce. For those without a palette for spiced heat, do take caution because the volcano sauce is very potent!Seldom spoken about, the appetizers and the sides served at The Ramen Stall are just as tasty (if not more tasty) as compared to their famed Ramen and Sashimi sets. Personally recommended, and was one of the first items to disappear during our food tasting session was this little beauty, the Pumpkin Croquette.

Pumpkin Croquette @ The Ramen Stall


Don’t let its innocent looks fool you – have a go at this innocent little appetizer and you’ll know what I mean. We wrap up this article with the show stopper that concludes our almost every single meal at The Ramen Stall – and thats their Low Fat Yoghurt Soft Serve that is made from 0% Fat-Free Skimmed Milk.

Yoghurt @ The Ramen Stall

You can enjoy their Yoghurt either in the Original Flavour, or in the Matcha flavour. The above mixed flavour was special just for us. Sorry guys!

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It is in Ramadhan that we are constantly reminded of all the blessings that we've been given and we truly bask in Allah's love and mercy. It is also in this month that we become more mindful that not everyone of us share the same fortunate circumstances. This is further highlighted by the many ongoing initiatives by our fellow peers, youth groups and other individuals, which support causes that tug at our heart strings and shine out during this particular time.

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