Sultana Zwin Review: Moroccan tacos and kunafe at Changi Village


Address: 5 Changi village Road #01–2009 S500005
Halal Verification: Muslim Owned

Here’s something new you probably have not seen or tried before: Moroccan tacos from Sultana Zwin (@sultana_zwin) at Changi Village. Yup, these hot pocket lookalike are actually called tacos.😌

Menu items featured:
1. Taco; fish and beef
2. Quesadilla beef #ravingreviews
3. Rolly chicken
4. Kunafe

This beef taco has minced beef cooked in spices and french fries (you didn’t read it wrong!). The spice tastes black pepper-ish so it’s just a 1 out of 5 on the spice rating for me. It’s savoury from the cumin flavour. If there’s an option without fries, I’d take it haha. This one reminds me of like an Arab version of our roti john. This is the kind of food you can eat on an empty stomach and you feel wholesome. For the fish taco, the filet is mild tasting so the cheesiness is hitting my tastebuds more here. I like the combination of the fish and the cheese.

Tbh when I first saw the Rolly chicken, I thought of lemak chili padi haha. But this one is not spicy, although the creaminess is like lauk lemak. So if you can imagine, this one is like lemak chili padi without any of the spice. The chicken is chunky and cheesy. I can see this one having a cult-like following; ‘either you get it or you don’t’. If you do get it, you can eat this Rolly everyday I think.

But my favourite is the quesadilla #ravingreviews. This one also I can imagine it to have a cult following. I can see people coming here for the quesadilla. Because this has that distinct Moroccan tagine flavour that I’m tasting, this one really stands out to me.😍

This is probably the crunchiest kunafe I ever had in my food review career. Kunafe is usually cheesy and creamy, but this one got crunch so I give it 1000 extra points for that haha! Go light with the rose syrup here. And as a hantu kunafe, please remember to eat your kunafe warm so you can get the cheese pulls. Kunafe is not good cold.

They’re located next to the bus stop (with buses 2, 59, 109 running) so drop by the next time you’re in Changi Village!


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