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What do you recommend our users to try when they buy from you?

Our flavoured Cooling water is right now a popular product which we recommend for you to try! It relieves heatiness and it's tasty at the same time!

Here's some more information about our cooling water:-

What is “heatiness”? What are the symptoms of “heatiness”?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, under normal circumstances, the body’s yin and yang (cold and heat) are balanced.
However, a person may be prone to getting “heatiness” if:
• the person is exposed to hot weather or environment for a long time;
• the person undergoes long term fatigue, or stays up late, experiences intense work pressure, bad mood, stress, or poor sleep;
• the person takes spicy, fried or heaty food;

“Heatiness” may cause the following symptoms to occur:
• Mouth sores,
• Sore throat,
• Nose bleed,
• Swollen eye,
• Acne etc.

What are the active ingredients in Three Legs Cooling Water?

The main active ingredients in Three Legs Cooling Water are raw Gypsum Fibrosum and Calcitum.

Why is Three Legs Cooling Water able to relieve “heatiness”? Is there any scientific evidence?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of cold and heat, the use of natural minerals that are ‘cold’ in nature purges the excessive heat from our bodies. This helps to restore the balance of yin and yang (cold and heat) within the body.

Modern scientific experiments show that raw Gypsum Fibrosum in Three Legs Cooling Water has the effect of purging “heatiness”. The study has been journalised in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

Isn’t lychee fruit “heaty” in nature? Will Three Legs Cooling Water Lychee lose its cooling function?

Although the lychee fruit is generally regarded as heaty in nature, the taste and flavour of Three Legs Flavoured Cooling Water is not from the original fruit juice. Rather, we use fruit flavor which complies with the International Food Guide standard.

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