The Secret Garden by Zeekri review: a sophisticated menu that delights. 5 stars!


Address: 19 Baghdad Street Singapore 199658
Iyyara Verification: Muslim Owned

I would come to The Secret Garden by Zeekri for two things – special occasions and achievements to celebrate or just a day out with my girl friends. Don’t we all love pretty things surrounding us with decor that make us feel so comfy and right at home – yes that’s what TSG is.  In the afternoons when it’s quieter, for all those vibes that will put you in the right mood – this is the place to go.

Now onto the food.

TSG serves a sophisticated menu for those who are adventurous enough to discover European taste palates. Expect nothing similar to local fare when you try their new menu.

Baked Brie Cheese

Straight off the bat, the appetiser Baked Brie cheese stood out. The mild soft cheese went perfectly well with the sweeeeeeet maple hazelnut compote. I love the sweet, the mild savoury, the soft texture of everything and especially the nutty crunch that was a pleasant addition to the flavour profile! I can’t say how much I love this one. I rate it 5 stars!

Paprika Salmon Belly

On the flip side, the Paprika Salmon Belly had a really strong tang – from the passion fruit hot sauce which married well with the asian slaw. Put this together with an ultra soft almost melt in your mouth piece of Salmon Belly that makes the whole experience a high end – top notch restaurant feels. You know, the good kind of food that makes you forget how much it costs? Yes. Exactly that. 

Citrus Poached Salmon

Of the entrees, I can imagine many people loving the Citrus Poached Salmon. It is lightly creamy and with that short zing of citrus. The flavour profile is overall pleasant when combined with the salmon that is thoroughly poached through. This one is a crowd pleaser so if you’re up for something that is safe and all around comforting, this is the dish for you.

Lamb Noisette

I would like to say that for those with a more adventurous taste profile, you should give the Lamb Noisette a try. I LOVED this  dish, but I can imagine that there’ll be many that don’t share the same sentiments as me hahaha – only because of the out-of-norm flavour profile of this dish. I mean, when I say ‘purple sweet potato puree’ the Malay soul in me can’t actually imagine the taste exactly, but all I can tell you is that this one is soft, silky smooth, sweet and pairs well with the all around savoury, slightly chewy lamb! While some might put this dish as an ‘odd’ one, I would say, this is one that will speak to those that love a slight sophistication in their lives.

Me enjoying the Pasta.

Now the pastas – what’s not good about the pastas. If you’re bringing your kids to this special place, get them the Seafood Al Cartoccio. I gave this one to Muadz back at home and he lapped it all up, asked for seconds and didn’t stop eating until he was completely full! And why wouldn’t he? The fresh tomato base was so flavourful, I rated it 5 stars! Perhaps because it was cooked in parchment paper, the pasta came out soft, with the seafood still retaining its fresh crunch – I loved it and so did Muadz! This would be for the soul that loves comfort and familiar flavours.

Seafood Al Cartoccio

For the diner that loves a little more sophistication in their meals, go for the Sun Dried Walnut Pesto. I loved this one a little bit more than the Seafood Al Cartoccio. The pasta is plated like an island in the middle with all sorts of savoury flavours and coated in crab meat, surrounded by a light cream base. Pro tip – don’t immediately mix it all up. Mix it bit by bit to get the right ratio of savoury & creamy the way you like it. It’s not meant to be eaten like how we eat our nasi padang with our lauk mixed in completely with the rice – so resist the urge, and you’ll see the beauty in this dish in its own glory.

Sun Dried Walnut Pesto

No regrets – all the calories are well worth it. These are the kinds of restaurants that make me love my job. Go TSG, and go again. Don’t look back.


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