5 Ways to Get a Taste of Indonesia in Singapore Without A Passport

With all the travel bans in not just Singapore but most of the countries on Earth, travelling seems closer to improbability. However, why not get a taste of the flavors that you’d get when you fly elsewhere, say Indonesia for instance. Let your tastebuds sail abroad to the land of Harmony. After all, Singapore has plenty of mouth-watering Halal Indonesian cuisines.

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With all the travel bans in not just Singapore but most of the countries on Earth, travelling seems closer to improbability. However, why not get a taste of the flavors that you’d get when you fly elsewhere, say Indonesia for instance. Let your tastebuds sail abroad to the land of Harmony. After all, Singapore has plenty of mouth-watering Halal Indonesian cuisines.

Here is a guide to five Indonesian cuisines on the Halalfoodhunt App! Let your senses travel by catching the whiff of Indonesian food being whipped up in the kitchen and taste those delicacies that are evidently not local. All these “travelling” done without the need for a passport.

1.  Tambuah Mas Indonesian Restaurant

Tambuah Mas Singapore.png

Tambuah Mas Indonesian Restaurant is known for its traditional Indonesian Homestyle Cuisine from Padang, Sulawesi, and Java. It is also one of the oldest Indonesian restaurants that you can find here in Singapore. All their signature dishes are made using preserved yet tightly guarded family recipes which were mastered from one generation after another. What can be revealed is only their use of herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients all of which contribute to making their flavors stand out.

There is also their original family creation – The Tahu Telur, whereby beancurd is crisp-fried in egg batter, drizzled with homemade spicy-sweet dark sauce then presented in a tower form.

Tahu Telur @ Tambuah Mas

Tahu Telur @ Tambuah Mas

Try these authentic dishes at any of their three outlets in Singapore! They’re available at Paragon, Tanglin and Great World City from 11 am to 10 pm every day.

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📌 Tanglin Shopping Centre / Great World City / Paragon |
🧕 Halal Certified

2. Original Ayam Geprek SG


Fans of anything spicy, assemble please! There’s a home-based store in Singapore that may be right up your alley!

Original Ayam Geprek SG sells smashed crispy fried chicken that they proclaim is beyond ordinary. Their chicken comes in five different levels in terms of spiciness. Spicy-lovers may not be satisfied with level five but fret not, Original Ayam Geprek SG has got you covered as they also have level six to ten which can only be requested and comes at different prices.

Those who aren’t sure as to which level ought they take can refer to Original Ayam Geprek SG’s chart that somewhat depicts how spicy each level is. Level one, being the lowest, was said to be “Lepak Je” (Relax only). Level two was described as “pedas boleh tahan” (Spiciness that is quite tolerable). It’s stated that your nose starts to leak for it is that spicy once you reach level three whereas level four’s spiciness will make you hit your head. Finally, from level five to ten, they’re described as “Pedas Nak Mampos” (So spicy it kills).

Source: Originalgepreksg

All their chicken comes with either rice or noodles like Indomie, nasi goreng, nasi putih, and more. Order them online early in the week before they’re sold out!

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📌 Home Based Business. Order Online!
🧕 Muslim Owned

3. Papa Ayam 

Another place that sells ayam geprek is none other than Papa Ayam – Singapore’s first ayam geprek brand. Formed in 2018, Papa Ayam sells smashed crispy fried chicken that is served with authentic Indonesian sambal (chili sauce). This sambal in question includes Sambal Matah and Cabe Ijo, to name a few, all of which are made fresh on the spot.


Feel free to choose between level 1 to 15 in terms of spiciness for your chicken. Upsize your chicken, rice portion, add melted cheese, or request for more crispy skin!

If you’re head over heels with the taste of their sambal, then you’d certainly be glad to know that they sell their sambal in boxes too! So, grab and go for days that you’re rushing to get hom!

With affordable pricing (ranging from $1.70 to $13.90), what’s there not to like about Papa Ayam? Their highest priced item is a W.T.F Meal. Just like their name, the ayam geprek comes in a WTF level – Level 27. It is even equipped with a drink to ensure that you’re an arm stretch away from “extinguishing” oneself.

Located at Paya Lebar Quarters Mall and 313 Somerset, Papa Ayam is certainly a must-try!

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📌 PLQ Mall / 313@Somerset | Takeaway Store, Dine In Available
🧕 Muslim Owned

4.  Taliwang Restaurant


Taliwang Restaurant is known for its Ayam Bakar Taliwang, made using ingredients and methods that can only be traced back to Lombok. Their Ayam Bakar Taliwang is marinated in Taliwang special spicy sauce and grilled to perfection.

Speaking of sauces, they’re all home-made! No artificial preservatives are used either. They also specialize in Ikan Bakar Taliwang whereby an entire grilled red snapper fish is grilled before it is marinated with Taliwang’s special marinating sauce.

The much sought-after sambal can be found here at Taliwang Restaurant too – sambal Balado. This sambal is used on their tiger prawn for a spread that they call Udang Balado or Grilled Black Tiger Prawn with Balado.

Salted egg fans can also rejoice for even that is included in their menu with their Calamari salted egg as to which calamari rings are sauteed with salted egg sauce, chili padi, and curry leaves.

Picture 2.png

What sets Taliwang Restaurant apart from other places that sell Indonesian cuisine is none other than their pasta options found within their menu. Sure, they’re expected in an Italian-based restaurant but it comes as rather unique when found in an Indonesian-based one instead. From Pasta Di Pollo (Chicken Pasta) to beef bacon pasta, you can find them all at Taliwang Restaurant.

Head on over to 26 Kandahar Street to try them all! They’re also available for delivery and do not shun special requests. Simply give them a call at +65 69099776 for more information. 

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📌 26 Kandahar Street | Dine-In | Island-wide delivery available
🧕 Muslim Owned

5. Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

Picture 1.png

Located at Furama Riverfront, Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant sells authentic Balinese food. Their latest promotion includes Eat-all-you-can and executive lunch set menu. The former lets you enjoy the ‘buffet’ experience albeit one that is served directly to your table for a price that starts at $22.90 whereas the latter is non-buffer at costs $12.80 but is only available on Mondays to Fridays from 12 pm to 2:30 pm.

Food from Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant is also available for self-collection and island-wide delivery. There will be no delivery charge for orders that go beyond $80.

They offer family sets of two, four, and six. Individuals can opt for the bento sets. All their bento sets come with two slices of watermelons and cake (Kek Lapis). Some are even on sale by 44%. Grab them now before the sale ends!

📌 405 Havelock Road, Furama Riverfront, Singapore, Singapore 169633
🧕 Halal Certified

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