Banngkok Street Food Review: this Thai restaurant at Sultan Gate will make you rethink what you know about Thai cuisine!

Banngkok Street Food (review) on Sultan Gate, Singapore is unlike other halal Thai restaurant. The flavours of the dishes here are so authentic, it may even appear unfamilliar to Singapore local palate. But try it!

Address: 43 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198491
Halal Verification: Muslim Owned

If you think you know Thai food, the menu at Banngkok Street Food (IG: @banngkokstreetfoodsg) will look familiar but the dishes may be surprising in flavours – in a good way at least! I’m here to tell you all about it so you know what to expect. 🙂

Menu items featured:
1. Sua rong hai (Harimau menangis) #ravingreviews
2. Nam Khon Rwan (Creamy tomyum) #ravingreviews
3. Siakap sweet & sour
4. Cashew chicken
5. Mama kai (maggi tom yum) #ravingreviews
6. Kailan oyster sauce

This tomyum is unlike the red clear-ish we normally get in Singapore. This one is creamyyyyy. I was told this is how it’s actually made in some parts of Thailand, and the taste is replicated as closely as possible. This creamy version is definitely something you should try at least once. Spice rating is 3 out of 5; I think the creaminess offsets some of the spice so it’s not too spicy. Intensity rating is a 5 out of 5! Super intense creamy tom yum flavour! The clear version is spicer, 4 out of 5.

If you’re hesitant to try the creamy tomyum soup, I thin it’s better suited with noodles so try their mama kai.#ravingreviews #Highlyhighlyrecommended

There’s actually a folk tale behind harimau menangis. If you want to know the story, DM me haha! The meat is very juicy with a good bite and full of flavour. This is something that I enjoy.

Usually, sweet and sour dish is more sweet than sour. But this one is so balanced and a pretty different take. The sour and sweet levels are 3 out of 10 each. Yet so intense! The flavours are so comforting, the kind that you would want to eat at the end of a long day. 😌

The cashew chicken is sweet and savoury with a spice rating of 1 over 5. An easy dish to love.

For desserts, Banngkok Street Food has an exclusive Ramadan special – Goreng Pisang Thai. This one you must get and ask to serve when you’re ready to eat so it’s still crispy and crunchy and hot. 😋


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