Food Review: Chickata Makan Place at Jurong East – Halal Mookata?

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Update: Chickata Makan Place has rebranded to Chice, and is currently operating at Vision Exchange, 2 Venture Dr, #01-47, Singapore 608526

Halal foodies would know that feeling when you want to get in on the latest food craze taking over the Island, but can’t (because not Halal)! So we are always a bit left behind but here’s some good news for you!The latest in a line of food trends that have barely any Halal alternatives would be the Thai BBQ called Mookata. The problem with Mookata is in its name, “Moo” in English literally translates to pork, while Kata means skillet. Pork skillet? How can you make this Halal?Fear not, fellow Halal Foodies, we have Chickata Makan Place, the shining beacon of light in our quest to find Halal Thai BBQ. Chickata is located in Jurong East, which is a bonus for Westies who may be interested in trying out some Thai-style barbequed meat for themselves. Jums and Zie travelled all the way to the West to experience first hand the hype surrounding this trend.

Seven Platters to Choose From and 38 different ingredients for your steamboat & BBQ

Chickata has a whopping total of seven platters to choose from, which includes a vegetable platter for our vegetarian friends and the mixed platter for meat lovers. The biggest platter in their menu has up to eighteen (18) ingredients and meant for a table of six people.Not only that, Chickata still has their ala carte menu alongside their platter selections, including different types of noodles and other side dishes that you may want to add into your BBQ bonanza, all amounting to 38 different ingredients!

We favoured the Angus Beef the most, while also praising the marination of the different types of meat found on the menu, such as the black pepper, oyster, Tom Yam and Teriyaki chicken.

The Dips and Soups

Patrons can choose between two soups, chicken broth and for those who can tahan pedas delicacies, Tom Yum. When ingredients are dipped or left in the moat surrounding the skillet, you can bet that the soup’s taste changes and becomes even more complex!

Chickata also has a new Salted Egg Dip and Salted Egg Soup Base for those who miss the taste of savoury salted egg in your mouth.

The Verdict 

The ladies give it a nod of approval! All the platters had abundant portions and a variety of ingredients, so no one feels left out going for a Chickata meal. All the platters are affordable as well, costing as little as $14 per person (if you split with one friend on a standard platter), so even students on a tight budget can come with their friends to have a feast!

Halal-status: Halal Certified

Address: 326 Jurong East Street 31 #01-118 Singapore 600326

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday : 3:00pm – 11:00pm

Saturday to Sunday: 11:00am – 11:00pm


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