Product Review: ANDRIS 2 TOP WI-FI Electric Storage Water Heater


Their PR team found out that I was moving to a new place, and asked if I wanted to collaborate with them for a feature for a storage water heater. Of course, I said yes.

While choosing one for myself from their catalogue, I immediately zoomed into this one: the Andris 2 TOP WI-FI model because of the Wifi because we were planning to have a smart home. With most of our switches connected to Google Assistant, it is only natural to include the water heater too!

Wifi Connectivity is GOLD.

Old habits die hard. Since young, it has been a habit of mine to only switch on the heater just as I am about to step into the shower. This means I’ll wait in the shower for the full 5-10 minutes before the water starts getting warm, or I just start showering while the water’s still cold. Haha. I know situations like this can be avoided if I just switch on the heater 5-10 minutes before I want to shower, but with the ADHD-diagnosed me, I might forget that I had planned to shower for a full 30-60 minutes if I actually step away from the shower after switching on the heater. (Welcome to the ADHD life)

So, when connected to google assistant, this situation changes completely.

Let’s say I’m planning to take an evening shower after working at my home office. I switch on on the water heater while I’m still at my desk, and then go shower after I’m done with work. Moms, if you’re doing the housework – ironing, cooking, especially if you’re in an activity with your child that you just can’t leave your spot – a quick tap to switch on the water heater to get the water warm and ready for you does make a difference for the shower later.

Note: For this to work, please ensure that your home wifi connectivity is strong enough for its signal to reach the storage water heater (that is usually in the toilet)

Other features that I think is worthwhile to share:

(1) WI-FI Control from Google Home

This is definitely the best part that I like about my current water heater

(2) LED Display

ANDRIS 2 TOP 30 Electric Storage Water Heater has a quite big LED to let me know the temperature of the water before I turn on the shower, so that I visually check if the water is warm and ready for me.

(3) Indicator of Scalding Prevention

If the water is completely hot, and at a scalding temperature, then the scalding indicator will light up. This serves as a warning that the water is going to be hot, so it’s probably a good idea to turn the tap and mixer the other way to balance out the temperature.

(4) Its sleek design!

I love the thought that went into the appearance of this water heater because this one is probably going to be situated in the common toilet (where the guests use it too) in most homes in Singapore, so it helps that it is beautiful.

(5) High-density insulation

This ARISTON water heater is made with titanshield technology for the best tank protection. Its high-density insulation will help you save energy with every use, and therefore saving you money.

For more visual reviews, go check out my video below!

Overall, I love this heater; this one works better than my previous one in my previous home, and I definitely recommend this to you guys to get it for your own houses too!

If you want to see how it all came together for my home, go check out the video of my kitchen tour (and full house tour on @jumaiyahm).


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